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Ark Survival Ascended: Best Metal Farm Locations

Metal is a necessary ore for advanced buildings and tech in Ark: Survival Ascended.

Whether you need Metal for upgraded tools, to make a metal base, or for advanced weapons, you’ll need a lot of the resource. Make your way to the best metal farm locations in Ark: Survival Ascended with our guide.

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Where to Farm Metal on the Island in ASA

There are quite a few locations to find metal deposits, as well as large metal nodes, throughout the Island. Most of them can be found in similar areas as Ark: Survival Evolved. Metal found in rocks along the coast give off a green sheen similar to dark moss against the tan stone. Large nodes have veins of glimmering light blue throughout the grey rock.

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Best Way to Farm Metal as a New Survivor

When you start off a new character, heading to rich metal nodes can put you directly in the path of danger. Focusing on the round, river rocks along the shore will yield the most of the resource. It’ll be enough to get you started, smith a Metal Pickaxe, as well as an advanced weapon. These preparations will increase your survivability when heading to the Rich Metal nodes.

Best Metal Farm Locations

There are 14 Rich Metal deposits in the Island region. The largest of these are found in the northern parts of the area, with the highest concentration of Metal ore near the volcano, in the frozen area, and the large mountain in the northeast. If you’re looking for large amounts of Metal everywhere you look, you’ll want to focus your efforts in Whitesky Peak and Northern Plains.

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Rich Metal Deposit Locations

  1. The Southern Islets
  2. The Southern Islets
  3. The Southern Islets
  4. Herbivore Island
  5. The Southern Shores
  6. The Writhing Swamps
  7. The Writhing Swamps
  8. Red Peak
  9. The Grand Hills (Volcano)
  10. The Frozen Tooth
  11. Far’s Peak
  12. The Dead Island
  13. Whitesky Peak and Northern Plains
  14. The Western Plains

One Rich Metal node can yield over 100 units. When looking to farm large amounts at once, make sure to ride a dino that can reduce the wait of the resource to ensure maximum carrying potential. Rocks containing it, as well as large deposits, typically respawn after an hour.

Those are all the best Metal farming locations in Ark Survival Ascended. Whether you’re a new survivor or need to stock up, mining Rich Metal nodes will result in the highest yields. Other item locations, a list of all dino IDs, or how to use wireless crafting can be found in our guide vault.

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