How to track down and tame your very own Ovis in ARK: Survival Evolved.

ARK: Survival Evolved Guide – How to Find and Tame Ovis (Sheep)

How to track down and tame your very own Ovis in ARK: Survival Evolved.

Ovis in ARK: Survival Evolved are truly incredibly sheep. Taming them provides a slew of benefits: it can be ridden without a saddle and climb mountains with relative ease, and you can shear them for a renewable supply of Wool that quickly replaces the need for Pelt. They even provide a hefty supply of delicious Mutton when “harvested”. Why wouldn’t you want a flock of Ovis for your base?

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There only one problem — actually, two. It’s a right royal pain to track down an Ovis’ location. And once you’ve found them, you then need to figure out how in the blazes to tame them.

How to Tame Ovis

Before you ever even set out to find your Ovis, you should prepare the food needed to tame them. It turns out Ovis will only befriend you if you offer them a piece of Sweet Vegetable Cake. No matter what level the wild Ovis is, one Sweet Vegetable Cake is all you need to fully tame it. Go ahead and get one for as many as you plan to bring home.

If you don’t have a Garden, it’s time to make one. Craft and plop down a few farm plots and plant Rockarrots, Longrass, and Savoroot. You’ll need two for each cake. The rest is a matter of collecting the ingredients and throwing them into the Cooking Pot (or Industrial Cooker).

To make 1 Sweet Vegetable Cake, you’ll need:

  • 7 x Sap – Use a Tree Sap Tap on a Redwood Tree
  • 2 x Rockarrot – Grow in Garden
  • 2 x Longrass – Grow in Garden
  • 2 x Savoroot – Grow in Garden
  • 4 x Stimulant – Craft with Stim Berries and Stone at a Mortar and Pestle.
  • 25 x Fiber – Collect from Bushes
  • 1 x Water – Fill up a container with water.

If you’re cooking multiple cakes, multiply each ingredient by the number of cakes you want to make. Throw that in the Cooking Pot or Industrial Cooker and let it bake.

Place the Sweet Vegetable Cakes in the last slot on your hotbar. For the uninitiated, the last spot on the hotbar is used in passive taming. Setting it anywhere else in the hotbar will cause you to eat the cake rather than feed it to the Ovis, when you eventually find them.

Ovis Location

Ovis tend to like the open Grasslands of the Island for their wild spawning grounds. However, Ovis are incredibly rare creatures, on account of their generally carefree behavior in a land full of natural predators. Be diligent in your search and you’re sure to come across them eventually.

If the server you’re playing on is Unofficial and existed before the update, you may have to ask the admins to reset the Wild Dinos on your ARK. Sometimes new dinos won’t spawn if the server is already full with the old ones. Alternatively, you could hop on a T-Rex and go on your own killing spree in hopes of Ovis spawning.

Once you’ve found your Ovis, calmly approach it and offer the Sweet Vegetable Cake set to your last hotbar slot. If initiated successfully, the sheep will eat the cake and become your loyal companion.

ARK: Survival Evolved Guide How to find and tame Ovis Sheep location

Congratulations! Now just grab yourself enough Ovis to breed with and you’ll never have to go through this nightmare again. That is, until some jerk comes around to destroy your base with their new laser T-Rex. Just laugh it off.

Check out our Ultimate Guide to Hair for everything you need to know about hair and … wool, oddly enough! How do you like ARK: Survival Evolved‘s newest fluffy sheep companion, the Ovis? Leave your sentiments in the comments below!

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