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Armored Core 6: How to Get the Tunnel Sabotage Battle Log

Finding the Tunnel Sabotage Battle Log in Armored Core 6 is a bit tricky. Here's where it is.

Finding all the Battle Logs in Armored Core 6 is key to unlocking some of the best AC parts. One of them, however, is quite hard to find, as it’s not tied to a story boss or obligatory fight. Instead, you’ll find it off the beaten path in a mission where time quickly turns into a premium. It’s easy to miss what is otherwise one of the simplest to collect when the obvious way to play the mission is. Here’s how to get the Tunnel Sabotage Battle Log in Armored Core 6.

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How to get the Tunnel Sabotage Battle Log in Armored Core 6

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To find the Tunnel Sabotage mission Battle Log, you must go off the beaten path a bit. Before the Coral reaction goes supercritical midway through, you have unlimited time to explore the small mission area. Handler Walter will pester you about hurrying up, but there’s no penalty for exploring as much as you want.

As you progress through the tunnel, you’ll reach a series of bridges over the chasm. Eventually, you’ll see one near the top of the tunnel that doesn’t seem to mean anything. Fly up on top of it and turn left.

There’s a small cavern filled with enemies there. You’ll find three MTs on the floor level and a sniper LC on a platform that looks down on the chamber. The LC is the Battle Log target. Use whatever means at your disposal to destroy it. I recommend killing the target quickly. If it gets a chance, it will start trying to move about the area, making it more annoying to kill.

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This particular LC isn’t particularly strong or hardy, so a few shots with any high-powered weapon will end it easily enough. I used a laser rifle and back-mounted laser cannon, and the thing was dead in three shots. You should also ignore the MTs until the LC is gone, as despite its lower threat level for its class, it’s still the biggest one in the room.

Once the LC is dead and you get the “Acquired combat log” message on the right side of your screen, you still need to finish the mission to properly claim it. Go destroy the target and book it out of the tunnel before everything explodes, and you have to start over.

That’s how to get the Tunnel Sabotage Battle Log in Armored Core 6. For more on AC6, check out our guides hub to the game.

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