Follow our guide on Assassin's Creed Syndicate to successfully beat final Sequences 7-9 of the game's main story.

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Guide: Sequences 7-9 with tips and tricks

Follow our guide on Assassin's Creed Syndicate to successfully beat final Sequences 7-9 of the game's main story.
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The story of Assassin’s Creed Syndicate continues, but we are getting closer to its final chapters. This guide will lead you through the final three sequences of Jacob and Evie Frye’s hunt for Grand Master Crawford Starrick and the Piece of Eden.

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Sequence 7: All is Fair in Politics

Assassin's Creed Syndicate Guide Sequence 7Assassin's Creed Syndicate Guide Sequence 7

Jacob Frye decides to prevent the assassination of Benjamin Disraeli, politician and writer who served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. He has only one clue about the person behind this foul crime: the man’s nickname – Mr. B.

Mission 1: Playing Politics

  • First, you need to locate Sinopean Club in order to meet the Prime Minister. There you will find out that Disraeli is being followed by a spy. Your task is to chase the spy and interrogate him, but the poor fellow is shot to death by a sniper before he can give you any significant information. You need to chase the sniper, a lady, who will tell you about the upcoming assassination of Disraeli.

Mission 2: The Bodyguard

  • Jacob needs to locate the carriage of the Prime Minister and his wife Mary Anne. You need to get inside the carriage and protect them from the thugs. But one of them manages to kidnap the couple, so you need to chase them. After that, you will have the chance to speak with Disraeli about the man known as Mr. B.

Mission 3: Driving Mrs. Disraeli

  • Prime Minister’s wife agrees to uncover some information about Mr. B, but first she wants Jacob to lead her through the Devil’s Acre, a notorious slum in Westminster borough. Escort the lady and her dog through the slum, while staying away from the thugs.
  • Unfortunately, the dog gets kidnapped by the thug, so you need to chase him and bring the dog back. As you return to the Prime Minister’s mansion, the lady tells you about Earl of Cardigan, the man who planned the assassination of her husband.

Mission 4: Change of Plans

  • In the opening cutscene Henry Green introduces Duleep Singh, the Black Prince of Perthshire and the last Maharaja of the Sikh Empire. He informs Green and Evie about the location of Shroud of Eden – it’s in the vault at the Buckingham Palace.
  • First, you need to let Henry Green help you steal the Templars’ documents by distracting the guards. After you locate the chests and get back to Henry, you will discover that he was kidnapped. This task requires you to investigate the location of Henry by tracing the carriage of the kidnappers and interrogating local people. You will find him in the tunnel guarded by the thugs; rescue him and escape the area.

Mission 5: Unbreaking the Bank

  • Mr. Abberline, the policeman, asks Evie to return the stolen currency plates from the bank of England. Locate the counterfeiters and trace their location. Steal the plates and burn all counterfeits. Return the plates to the bank and inform Abberline about your success.

Mission 6: Motion to Impeach

  • After Jacob discovered the true identity of Mr. B – James Thomas Brudenell (the 7th Earl of Cardigan and the member of the British Rite of the Templar Order), he decides to assassinate him. First, you need to find your way inside the House of Parliament by stealing the door password. Then, locate the Brudenell’s room and finish him.

Other Sequence 7 tips and tricks:

  • Don’t let yourself be detected by the thugs.
  • Use Henry Green to distract the guards.

Sequence 8: The Joys of Freedom

Assassin's Creed Syndicate Guide Sequence 8Assassin's Creed Syndicate Guide Sequence 8

The new sequence begins with a surprising cutscene showing Maxwell Roth, an associate of the British Templars and one of Crawford Starrick’s henchmen, inviting Jacob to a dinner at his mansion.

Mission 1: Strange Bedfellows

  • Head towards the Roth’s house and enter the building through the backdoor. When you meet Roth he will offer you a partnership in order to take down the Grand Master. Of course, you need to gain his trust first by accomplishing a few tasks. Locate the train and hide inside before it arrives at the station. Then, find the crates with dynamite and ignite them. Escape the area by train and head back to Roth’s associates.

Mission 2: Triple Theft

  • Roth gives Jacob another task: to kidnap three Starrick’s associates and bring them to him.
  • Your first target is Hattie Cadwallader, an artworks collector. You will be able to locate Ms. Hattie in the sewers, where she’s hiding a recently stolen statue from the National Gallery, by interrogating the local kids. Kidnap and deliver her to the Roth’s carriage.
  • Target number two is Benjamin Raffles, Starrick’s head of security. Locate him at the St James Park and follow the previous routine.
  • Your third and final target is Chester Swinebourne. He can be found at the top floor of the Scotland Yard building.

Mission 3: Fun and Games

  • This time Maxwell Roth wants you to destroy Starrick’s ammunition factory. Jacob agrees and places the dynamite at the marked spots. However, he learns that there are children working at the factory, so he refuses to ignite the explosives. But Roth’s thugs do it for you, so now you need to save the kids: this task has a time limit of three minutes. After you successfully save the kids, you will receive another invitation from Roth, this time to a party.

Mission 4: Final Act

  • This is the moment when Jacob makes a decision to assassinate Roth, so he can’t hurt anybody anymore. You need to locate the Alhambra Music Hall, the place where the party takes place. Obtain a mask in order to stay unknown at the party and kill all Roth’s associates. After you finish them, Roth will set the building on fire. This is your only chance to assassinate him.

Other Sequence 8 tips and tricks:

  • Use the Unique Kill opportunity to assassinate your targets.
  • Escape the Alhambra Music Hall in less than 90 seconds.

Sequence 9: Shall We Dance?

Assassin's Creed Syndicate Guide Sequence 9Assassin's Creed Syndicate Guide Sequence 9

The assassination of Maxwell Roth prompts Starrick to take over London by obtaining the Shroud of Eden. Jacon and Evie need to get to the ball taking place in the Buckingham Palace and prevent Starrick from stealing the Shroud.

Mission 1: Double Trouble

  • Mrs. Disraeli informs the Frye twins of the possible way of entering the ball: they need to steal the invitations from Catherine and William Gladstone, the Disraeli’s political rivals. Locate both of them and steal the invitations. Then, obtain their carriage and later use it to arrive at the ball.

Mission 2: Dress to Impress

  • The guards will not let you inside if you have your weapons on. So, get to St. Martin Church, take down one of the guards and steal his uniform. Mr. Abberline will use this uniform at the ball as a disguised guardian who will let you have your weapons inside the Buckingham Palace.

Mission 3: Family Politics

  • Evie asks Duleep Singh to help her identify the exact location of the Shroud of Eden. Singh agrees on one condition: if Evie helps him kidnap three politicians.
  • Your first target is marked on your map, so get the carriage, kidnap and deliver him to the Victorian Station. This task has the time limit of one minute and thirty seconds.
  • Target number two is located at St. James Park and needs to be delivered to the House of Parliament. This task has the time limit of one minute and thirty seconds.
  • Your final target is located in the Gladstone’s residence and you need to bring him to the Gentlemen’s Club. This task has the time limit of two minutes and thirty seconds.

Mission 4: A Night to Remember

  • As Evie and Jacob arrive at the Buckingham’s Palace, they need to accomplish a few tasks. Evie needs to locate the room on the second floor with the plans of the palace. And, Jacob has to get the weapons from the disguised Mr. Abberline at the ball.
  • First, Evie has to steal the key to the room from the royal guards. After she obtains the plans and heads towards the vault, Mrs. Disraeli will intercept and introduce her to the Queen.
  • Now, it’s Jacob’s turn to do the dirty job. After he gets his weapons from Mr. Abberline, he has to kill all the Starrick’s snipers and thugs surrounding the building.
  • Finally, Starrick steals the key from Evie and heads towards the vault. This is the opportunity for Jacob to assassinate him.

Other Sequence 9 tips and tricks:

  • Don’t kill the policemen, either distract them or use knockdown.
  • Keep the royal carriage above 50% of damage.

The adventure of Jacob and Evie Frye is over. They managed to protect both the Shroud of Eden and the Queen from Crawford Starrick. This ends the Assassin’s Creed Syndicate main story.

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