Back 4 Blood: How to Remove Weapon Attachments

Many Back 4 Blood players are wondering how to remove attachments. Here's the answer, and also why it's a tricky question to answer at all.

Many Back 4 Blood players are wondering how to remove attachments. Here's the answer, and also why it's a tricky question to answer at all.

In Back 4 Blood, the best runs will be defined in part by your weapons and your weapon attachments. But if you’re here, you’re wondering exactly how to remove weapon attachments in-game. The short answer to that question is, well, yes! Sort of.

The weapons system in B4B is a bit flawed at launch, but here’s what you need to know about how to remove weapon attachments for better gear and mods.

How Do I Remove Weapon Attachments? 

There are a ton of arms in Back 4 Blood, so many that if your last foray into this subgenre was Left 4 Dead and its paltry number of guns, you’ll be blown away by the options.

The same is true for weapon attachments, but they can be a bit tricky to compare and swap out because Back 4 Blood uses a rather unintuitive system that doesn’t make it easy to remove attachments.

Once you’ve placed a weapon mod on your gun, it will stay there for the rest of your run unless several things happen.

  • You can swap out the gun for another weapon entirely
  • You can swap out the specific mod, like a scope, magazine, or compensator, for another mod that goes in the same slot

You can’t outright remove or drop any weapon attachments from your loadout.

If you want to remove any weapon attachments, you’ll need to replace them with a mod belonging to the same slot or just swap weapons. You can’t remove them and return that accessory slot to empty.

On the bright side, your dropped mods can be picked up by allies, giving you a way to aid your fellow Cleaners should they need an assist.

How Do I Find Weapon Attachments?

An orange vendor crate where players can buy weapon attachments.

These mods are found around each level, usually in small orange crates that take a few seconds to open. They can also be bought in any safe room at the large orange vendor crates, but the randomized elements of Back 4 Blood mean you can’t reliably predict what you’ll find in either case.

Colors (Kind of) Matter

Attachments also use a familiar system of tiered, color-coded loot. From worst to best, the attachments and guns you’ll find can be marked as:

  • Grey
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Orange

Sometimes simply having the rarer loot may be the right move, but other times, you might prefer a lower-tier item. Personally, I love a fast reload time, so I’ll keep something like a green fast-reloading magazine over a blue clip that adds better bullet penetration.

Not All Mods are Worth Using

Also, be careful with selecting your weapon attachments. While most of these mods simply make a specific gun better and don’t really hurt to have affixed anyway, some mods can become more annoying, as is the case with some scopes.

Putting a long-range scope on something like an SMG can render it borderline inoperable, so choose your loadout very cautiously to align with your card builds and difficulty. Don’t just spam pickups when you see them

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And that’s what you need to know if you want to remove weapon attachments in B4B. If you’re looking for more on Turtle Rock’s multiplayer zombie shooter out now on PC, PS4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Series X|S, check out our growing tips and tricks hub, which includes many helpful guides.

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