Back 4 Blood: Prophet Dan and Divine Intervention Guide

Back 4 Blood's "Prophet" Dan is as gimmicky as he is intriguing. Here are his traits and how Divine Intervention works.

Back 4 Blood's "Prophet" Dan is as gimmicky as he is intriguing. Here are his traits and how Divine Intervention works.

Prophet Dan is the newest addition to the Back 4 Blood cast with the Children of the Worm expansion, and the eccentric “prophet” is one of the most gimmicky cleaners added to the B4B roster yet. He’s certainly got his place, though, and may just be a boon when playing with randoms or on higher difficulties.

Prophet Dan Traits

Revival is the name of the game with Prophet Dan, with his unique effects only triggering when a cleaner is revived. His exact traits are as follows:

  • Divine Intervention — A random effect is played whenever a cleaner is revived.
  • Vengeful — Prophet Dan has increased combat attributes when others are incapacitated.
  • Protect the Flock — +3 Team Damage Resistance and Knockback Immunity while reviving.
  • Legerdemain — Start with a Smoke Grenade.

Divine Intervention is the star of Prophet Dan’s kit, and it triggers when anyone revives another cleaner. This means that Prophet Dan doesn’t have to do it himself, which synergizes nicely with Vengeful and doesn’t relegate him to being a revival bot. Though, he’s less useful overall with a good team who isn’t dying.

Divine Intervention Effects

There are a total of seven cards that can trigger from Divine Intervention. With each revival, one of the following cards will trigger at random and take effect:

  • Carnage! — Several live Frag Grenades spawn in the area.
  • Radiance! — Several live Flash Grenades spawn in the area.
  • Riches! — Several Copper pickups spawn in the area.
  • The Light! — Grants either +5% Damage or +5% Damage Resistance.
  • Vanish! — Several Smoke Grenades spawn in the area.
  • Vigor! — Full Health is restored.
  • Vitality! — Grants +1 Extra Life.

It’s worth noting that the Frag Grenades and Flash Grenades from Carnage! and Radiance! respectively do not do damage to allies.

It’s not hard to see the draws of most of the cards that Divine Intervention triggers, but the trait is of generally no use if none of your fellow cleaners aren’t getting knocked out. This makes Prophet Dan far less useful when with a skilled team or on lower difficulties, as he only shines when in the face of adversity. For more, check out our other Back 4 Blood guides.

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