Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Find Halsin (Normal and Alternate Method)

Halsin the druid is locked up at the Goblin Camp and needs to be freed to stop Kagha. Here's where to find Halsin in Baldur's Gate 3.

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Early in your journey to find a cure for the tadpole swimming in your brain, you’ll need to locate Halsin. You need help to get the polliwog out and to restore order to the Emerald Grove. You learn that the Druid was last seen at the Goblin Camp. Problem is, most people you talk to in The Hollow assume he’s dead. Here’s how to find Halsin in Baldur’s Gate 3. It’s up to you to choose what to do with him.

How to Find Halsin in Baldur’s Gate 3 (Normal and Alternate Method)

There are two ways to find Halsin in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Where to Find Halsin Detailed

To find Halsin in Baldur’s Gate 3, go to the Goblin Camp west of Emerald Grove. It’s a busy place, and it can be easy to miss him if you get wrapped up in exploring. Getting from Emerald Grove to the Goblin Camp isn’t a long journey. However, dealing with the goblins in the Blighted Village leading there can take a bit of time. Chances are you’ll have a fight or two on your hands in the village alone, not to mention other encounters.

Even if you’re in the Goblin Camp, it can be tough to find Halsin because of everything going on. There’s no particular rush to rescue him, though. Don’t be shy about doing as much as you can within the camp before you reach him.

How to Rescue Halsin — The Normal Method

One goblin in the camp tells you that they took the Druid to the worg pens. Their location is marked on the map below. They are behind a door in the northeast portion of the Goblin Camp.

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Once inside, you can either choose to instigate the “bear” to initiate a fight against him or stand up for him and initiate a fight against the goblins in the room. I recommend the second option for most playthroughs. Only join in throwing rocks at him if you’re veering toward evil and want to get into Minthara’s good graces.

After getting lucky with your rolls and completing the combat encounter, you’ll have to clear out the three goblin leaders to get him out at last. He won’t join you as a companion here, but it will be an option later in the game.

How to Rescue Halsin — Alternate Method: Kill the Goblin Leaders

The alternative method to finding Halsin in Baldur’s Gate 3 requires a little more effort. You must kill all three goblin leaders in the Goblin Camp. They can be found within the area on your first visit, though you’ll have to get a little creative to pull it off. The three goblin leaders are:

  • Minthara
  • Dror Ragzlin
  • Priestess Gut

Once you’ve killed them, the Druid will go back to the Goblin Camp without your intervention to deal with the Kagha situation. Of course, how you approach this situation will impact future events. Choose carefully based on how you want the game to progress.

And with that, you now know how to find Halsin in Baldur’s Gate 3 using the normal and alternate methods. Or — for good or evil alike, depending on how you’re approaching the game. Check out some of our other Baldur’s Gate 3 guides here on GameSkinny.

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