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Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Rescue Us

Rescue Us, our favorite little brain creature, a second time in Baldur's Gate 3!

You might’ve come across Us in the Nautiloid. It’s an Intellect Devourer that acts like a familiar during your first fights, but you can find Us again much later. Plus, Us stays with you if you release it this time. Here’s how to rescue Us in Baldur’s Gate 3 Act 2.

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How to Rescue Us in Baldur’s Gate 3

After rescuing Us, it says that it appears as a cat to all others, so it can follow you without raising suspicion.

Where is Us?

When Ketheric’s first fight is over, he escapes into a Mind Flayer Colony. Beyond the Necrotic Laboratory, there’s an area called the Morgue. If you saved Us on the Nautiloid, you can find it in a cage here. Us is worried that it’s going to be repurposed because it’s different from the others. Since you save it once, it wants you to save it again.

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How to Open Us’ Cage

Chop will stop you if you try to lockpick it, but you can use Persuasion to pass a DC 18 Skill Check. If you pass, he gives you the Morgue Key that opens Us’ cage. If you don’t pass the check, Chop is easy enough to kill. You just have to deal with a bunch of Intellect Devourers alongside him. After freeing Us, you receive the item Summon Us, which lets you call it like a familiar to join you in battle. Summon Us can be used once per Short Rest.

And that’s how to rescue Us in Baldur’s Gate 3. Us is a great help in the opening battles, especially on Tactician, where you need all the advantages you can get. So, being able to find it again is a nice consequence of saving it the first time. From here, head to our BG3 guides hub for more topics like how to use the Strange Flower Key or learn how One with Shadows is different from Invisibility.

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