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Baldur’s Gate 3: Where to Find Stern Librarian Ffion

Here's where to find Stern Librarian Ffion in Baldur's Gate 3.

There are plenty of NPCs to interact with in the living world of Larian’s epic CRPG. Some you’ll want to find for to further flesh out the story, or maybe just their rewards. Whatever the reason, you’ll want to know how to find Stern Librarian Ffion in Baldur’s Gate 3. This NPC is one of the most valued people in the Sharess Caress establishment, and the Mamzell needs her back immediately. Unbeknownst to everyone, Ffion might have met a gruesome fate.

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Where to Find Stern Librarian Ffion in Baldur’s Gate 3

Stern Librarian Ffion is upstairs in Fraygo’s Flophouse. There, you’ll find a secret door and ask Ffion a series of questions. Afterward, speak to Mamzell Amira to complete the quest.

How to Find Stern Librarian Ffion Detailed

The Find Stern Librarian Ffion quest occurs during the third act of Baldur’s Gate 3. You must reach the village of Rivington so you can make your way to the crossing just before the Lower City. You also want to do the Open Hand Temple Murders investigation, as the clues eventually lead you to Ffion’s location. Lastly, you can report your findings to Mamzell Amira in Sharess Caress, and she’ll have a unique reward for you and your partner.

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Stern Librarian Ffion’s Location

Go to Fraygo’s Flophouse, which is along the left-hand side of the crossing. Head to the top floor, and use the unique key that you found (the flower key with a number 10 on it). It’s revealed that the dresser hides a door, and the secret room has yet another murder victim: Ffion.

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Which Questions to Ask Ffion’s Corpse

Check near the bed to pass a Perception check. Then, interact with the pool of blood and pass the Investigation check. Your character will pull out Ffion’s corpse from under the bed. I suggest casting the Speak with Dead spell here, since you’ll be able to ask Ffion several questions. These are what I consider to be the most important:

  • “Who killed you?”
  • “Who is your son?”
  • “Why did your son kill you?”

You’ll learn that her son, Dolor, is the killer who’s out terrorizing the Lower City. However, finding him isn’t part of this specific objective.

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Reward for Finding Ffion

Go across the street and enter Sharess Caress, a pleasure house. Talk to Mamzell Amira and tell her about Ffion’s fate. Although she’s distraught, she does appreciate your help. Your reward is time with Sharess Caress, the Drow twins.

That’s everything you need to know about how to find Stern Librarian Ffion in Baldur’s Gate 3. The Drow twins are also part of the game’s romance system, although the entire scene takes place in the dark. I guess you could just use your imagination. For more tips and tactics, you can visit our BG3 guides hub.

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