Baldur’s Gate 3: Who Should Go into the Zaith’isk?

Should you let Lae'zel enter the Zaith'isk or volunteer yourself in Baldur's Gate 3?

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If you have Lae’zel in your party when you’re at the Githyanki Creche, you’ll come across the option to have her go into the Zaith’isk, or decide to use it on your own character first. It might not seem like it’ll make a difference who you choose, but I found that it’s a fairly important choice. So, who should go into the Zaith’isk in Baldur’s Gate 3?

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Who Should You Send into the Zaith’isk in BG3?

Your character is able to make Saving Throws to avoid the Zaith’isk’s debuff, but Lae’zel’s Saving Throws have a much higher DC.

You should send your player character into the Zaith’isk, unless you never plan to use Lae’zel in your party. There are two Saving Throws that you can make to avoid the debuff, which reduces your Intelligence and Wisdom. The DC for these checks is much lower for you than Lae’zel. The result is that it’s almost impossible for her to avoid getting the debuff, which is permanent.

However, there’s another bonus to sending your own character into the Zaith’isk. If you make both Saving Throws, you earn the Awakened Buff that makes your Illithid powers into Bonus Actions. You’ll lose approval with Lae’zel by choosing yourself to receive an attempted cure instead of her, but you can negate that by not even bringing her along, which is what I did.

You should send your character into the Zaith’isk in Baldur’s Gate 3 since you not only have a better chance to avoid debuffs, you can get a nice buff instead. If you’re really worried about this part of the game, you can simply skip past it as it isn’t required to progress through the rest of Lae’zel’s companion quest. Then, you can look at our BG3 guide hub for topics like the best Adamantine Items to craft at Grymforge or how to rescue the Tieflings in Moonrise Towers.

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