The name of this Bayonetta 3 challenge says it all, but don't you fret. Here are a couple of ways to easily topple this challenge.

Bayonetta 3: How to Complete Tricky Terrain

The name of this Bayonetta 3 challenge says it all, but don't you fret. Here are a couple of ways to easily topple this challenge.

While Bayonetta 3 is by and large a short and sweet action game, there is plenty to do and find within all 14 of its levels. This includes many optional combat challenges that will reward you with various medals, orbs, and Broken Witch Hearts to upgrade your maximum health. 

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Of all the optional challenges in Bayonetta 3, one of the most frustrating comes in Chapter 3. This little devil goes by the — very fitting — name “Tricky Terrain” and it requires you to very nearly defy gravity. It is optional, but if you want to complete everything there is to do in Bayonetta 3, here are the two best ways to get through Tricky Terrain with ease. 

How to Complete Tricky Terrain in Chapter 3 Verse 4

To attempt this tricky challenge, you first have to find the correct portal to Alfheim in Chapter 3.This one is located in the courtyard, just to the right of the Temple entrance. 

Tricky Terrain requires you to survive a wave of enemies without getting hit more than two times in one minute. The tricky twist is that a strong wind is blowing you backwards the entire time. If you are blown into the Clouds of Erasure that surround the stage you will take damage, which you can only do twice in this minute long challenge. This can be a stumbling block for Bayonetta players new and old, due to how it requires you to use specific techniques to complete the Verse. 

The easiest way to complete Tricky Terrain is to use the G-Pillar weapon. By using this weapon’s dash ability (each dash is unique to the weapon set equipped in Bayonetta 3) you will be able to counteract the strong gusts and stay in the middle of the arena.

Whatever you do, just don’t jump because the wind will carry you a ways if you do. Keep dashing with the G-Pillar against the wind while dodging enemy attacks until the minute is up. 

If you don’t want to use the G-Pillar or simply want to take a different approach, there is one other fairly easy way to beat Tricky Terrain. While pressing the “R” button you are going to want to mash the attack buttons in order to get close to an enemy. As long as you are holding “R” you will lock onto an enemy and won’t be blown away by the wind. Repeat this two or three times and the minute will pass by in a flash. 

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