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Best Drongo Build in Predecessor

Want the most meta Drongo? Here's how to build them to make max their potential!

Drongo is a Carry role hero in Predecessor, and for good reason. If built correctly, their explosives and toxins can be deadly. It all comes down to the items you choose for the round. Here’s an idea of the best Drongo build we’ve come across so far.

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Best Meta Build for Drongo in Predecessor

Drongo’s abilities are all about multi-hit and damage over time, continuously overwhelming the enemy and not giving them a chance to strike back. Being a Carry hero, increasing their damage is the best focus for their build to maximize their potential. These are the main stats you’ll want to focus on:

  • Physical Power
  • Crititcal Chance
  • Attack Speed
  • Lifesteal

You’ll want to purchase several items during the round to raise the following stats. However, feel free to switch out alternative items that succeed in increasing the same stats. These are just a few ideas:


Item menu, pacifier item description and stats
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The Pacifier is a Multi-Kill focused, active item that succeeds at raising Drongo’s attack speed and overall speed with a dash and granting lifesteal simultaneously. This gives Drongo some more sustainability, damaging players to provide themselves with health. It goes even further in empowering Drongo by increasing their physical power as well, especially on targets below 40% max health.

  • +10% Physical Power
  • +10% Attack Speed
  • +5% Lifesteal
  • Adrenalize – 120s CD: Dash a short distance, empower next physical damage, deal +30% damage, increased by 2.5x against targets below 40% health, killing a hero recasts Adrenalize
  • Creep Slayer – Deal 30 damage to Minions on-hit
  • Cost: Free


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The next item you’ll want to get is Vanquisher. This continues to raise Drongo’s overall power, specifically focusing on Physical Power. However, it goes even further by giving them physical penetration, which will make their attacks even more effective on enemies with armor or shields. Since Drongo’s Wastelander passive relies on critical strikes, it will also help increase their critical chance so they can crit more often.

  • +45% Physical Power
  • +10 Physical Penetration
  • +25% Critical Chance
  • Annihilate – Execute a hero below 6% health
  • Cost: 3,2000


Item menu, demolisher item details and stats
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The Demolisher continues to build up the stats we’re already working toward: Physical Power and Critical Chance. The more Drongo can perform Critical Strikes, the more they can put their Wastelander bleed effect to good use. It’s also continues to raise their penetration with its Puncture ability.

  • +35% Physical Power
  • +25% Critical Chance
  • Deicide – Deal 0% to 25% bonus physical damage to heroes, scales with difference in max health from 0 to 1,600
  • Puncture – Ignore 30% of Physical Armor
  • Cost: 3,000

Dust Devil

Item menu, dust devil item details and stats
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A lot of players like to use Tainted Rounds or Lightning Hawk with Drongo, but for this build, Dust Devil is the perfect substitute. It boosts all the main stats we’re looking for, from the Physical Power to the Critical Chance, and it gives Drongo even more overall speed with its Menace ability, which goes hand-in-hand with Drongo’s Critical Strikes already in play.

  • +30% Physical Power
  • +25% Attack Speed
  • +25% Critical Chance
  • Menace – (On basic attacks): gain 2% attack speed for 3s, stacks up to 6 times, at 6 stacks gain 15% Movement Speed, Critical Strikes grant 2 stacks
  • Cost: 3,150


Item menu, Viper item details and stats
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Viper is definitely one of the most meta items to use with Drongo because, like Dust Devil, it pairs perfectly with their Wastelander passive by increasing the damage of their Critical Strikes further. Plus, it’s stripping down the opponent’s armor, tying in with the penetration and puncture. And, of course, it’s giving us all those other same boosts in stats.

  • +35% Physical Power
  • +20% Attack Speed
  • +25% Critical Chance
  • Corrode – (On damaging a hero): reduce their physical armor by 4% for 5s, stacks up to 6 times, at 6 stacks they become Eroded
  • Diligence – (When basic attacking Eroded heroes): Critical Strikes deal 10% more damage
  • Cost: 3,200


Item menu, imperator item details and stats
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Last but not least, the Imperator item is the icing on the cake for this Drongo build. It tops off their Physical Power and Critical Chance and with the Precision ability, adding on another 20% to their Critical Strike damage. With their Critical Chance at max percentage, they should be hitting Critical Strikes like crazy and wiping out the enemies in no time.

  • +55% Physical Power
  • +25% Critical Chance
  • Precision – Critical Strikes deal 20% more damage
  • Cost: 3,400

With all these items in use, you should see the following stats in play at max level:

  • Physical Power – 322.5
  • Physical Penetration – 10
  • Critical Chance – 125%
  • Attack Speed – 224.2%
  • Lifesteal– 5%
  • Physical Armor – 101.5
  • Magical Armor – 45.3
  • Max Health – 2305
  • Max Mana – 990

The best way to know if this builds works for you is to try it out. Hop in and put it to use and see just how powerful Drongo can be. Or, switch things up to your liking by interchanging items. Maybe you’d like to focus more on lifesteal, allowing Drongo to be more tanky. It’s up to you!

Stay tuned to GameSkinny’s Predecessor hub for more guides like this, such as how Omnivamp works or if you can play Cross Platform.

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