Best Places to Farm Lead in Fallout 76

If you're in need of lead, these places have the most of it in Fallout 76.

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Lead is an important component in a variety of crafted items in Fallout 76. You need the resource to craft weapons, ammo, and more. You can stumble upon it during quests or while exploring, but to maintain a reserve, you’ll need to know where to source it reliably. Here are the best places to farm lead in Fo76.

Fallout 76: Best Places to Farm Lead

There are a few different ways to obtain lead, including mining for it and scraping items. When you mine it, you obtain Lead Ore. Scraping items will give you Lead Scrap. Both of these can be used for crafting, but you need to refine the ore before being able to use it, and both have different locations for farming.

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Where to Farm Lead Ore

The best place to farm lead ore is at Lucky Hole Mine, located between the Savage Divide and Cranberry Bog regions on the map. The key to any successful mining endeavor lies in wearing the Excavator Power Armor, as it quadruples the amount of ore you acquire, as well as increases your carry weight substantially.

When exploring the mine, go down every side tunnel and scan all rock surfaces for signs of ore. Nodes can be found anywhere, including on the ceiling or hidden behind other items. If you’re in need of large amounts of lead, taking your time while going through this area is the best course of action.

Once you have all the ore you can carry, you’ll need to go to a Chemistry Station to refine it into a usable component. You’ll need acid for the recipe, which is known when you begin the game.

  • Lead Ore x2 + Acid x1 = Lead Scrap x5

Typically, you can get over 40 pieces of Lead Ore when you go through Lucky Hole Mine. This gives you 100 Lead Scrap when all is said and done.

Scraping Items for Lead

When it comes to getting lead from junk, there are quite a few items you can pick up during your travels.

  • Aluminum Can
  • Baby Rattle
  • Blue Paint
  • Can
  • Combination Wrench
  • Makeshift Battery
  • Mr. Fuzzy Pencil
  • New Toy Car
  • Paint Can
  • Pencil
  • Rat Poison
  • Red Pain
  • Souvenir Sloth Toy
  • Souvenir Toy Car
  • Spooky Mr. Fuzzy Pencil
  • Tin Can
  • Toy Alien
  • Toy Car
  • Toy Rocketship
  • Toy Truck
  • Weights
  • Wooden Blocks – All varieties
  • Yellow Mr. Fuzzy Pencil
  • Yellow Paint
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My favorite place to go to farm lead junk items is Camden Park. There are different booths with a handful of kids’ toys for prizes. You’ll also find can alarms hanging up around the entrances to the roller coaster, which gives you roughly 35 tin cans when disarmed. At the end of looting through the area, I had almost 60 pieces of Lead. While there, you can also complete a daily or two, as well.

Robots and Lead Scrap

All robotic enemies, especially Protectrons, will have a chance of dropping Lead Scrap. If you’re in the fighting mood or need to finish a quest that involves robots, this can be a chance to stock up on the resource. You’ll want to be armed with any weapon that deals more damage to the metal enemies and have your armor repaired before leaving. If you’re just looking for robots to farm, Watoga is always filled with them.

Those are all the best places to farm lead in Fallout 76. Keep your eyes peeled for any junk that can be scrapped, as well as loot robot enemies for the chance at Lead Scrap. Otherwise, you can mine all the ore you need at Lucky Hole Mine. For more resource locations or quest walkthroughs, head over to our guides vault.

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