fighting the cannibals in the forest using a molotov grenade
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Best The Forest Cheats and Console Commands

Here are some of the best and most commonly used The Forest cheats and console commands.

The Forest allows players to use an extensive array of console commands and alter the game in various ways. You can spawn items, make yourself invincible, turn off enemies, and much more. Here are the best The Forest cheats and console commands.

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What Are the Best Forest Cheats and Console Commands?

To activate cheats and console commands in The Forest, you’ll need to type “developermodeon” in the main title screen. This activates the developer console, and you can press Z to toggle the console and F1 to switch it on or off. I have to point out that the list below contains commands that can mess with your game save so always use console commands with caution.

Lastly, ensure that cheats are enabled in the Settings menu and that your “F Lock” is off since it can prevent console commands from being enabled. With that out of the way, let’s dive into the full list of console commands and cheats.

Below, you’ll find cheats that don’t require the console, and then I’ll dive into the top 30 console command cheats:

  • ironforest: Makes buildings indestructible. Type the code again to disable it.
  • regrowmode: 10% of all fallen trees will regrow while you sleep.
  • veganmode: Enemies will appear only in caves.
  • vegetarianmode: Enemies will only appear at night.
  • woodpaste: Resets all the holes made by the hole cutter and crane.
  • rawmeatmode: Implements perma-death. To disable it, type the code again.
  • meatmode: Disables all cheats.

I also tested these on PlayStation 4, and they work if you have a keyboard plugged in.

Top 30 The Forest Cheats and Console Commands

fighting the cannibals in the forest using a molotov cocktail
Image via Endnight Games

These are the top console commands players most often use:

  • energyhack on/off: Never run out of energy and stamina.
  • goto X: The X is the place where you want to teleport, like geeselake, snow, ocean, yacht, etc.
  • buildermode on/buildermode off: Enter creative mod with build hack, god mode, and get all items while turning off survival mode and enemies.
  • setdifficultymode X: X is peaceful, normal, hard, hardsurvival.
  • setgamemode X: X is standard, creative, mod.
  • cavelight on/off: Boosts light.
  • addClothingById X: the X is the ID for different clothing options.
  • faststart on/off: Skips the plane crash.
  • spawnanimal X: The X is the animal name like boar, deer, crocodile, etc.
  • killendboss: Kills the End Boss.
  • additem X or spawnitem X: The X is the ID of different items you can add/spawn.
  • godmode on/off: Become invulnerable and get unlimited stamina and resources.
  • buildhack on/off: Allows building fast like Creative Mode.
  • cancelallghosts: Erases all placed blueprints.
  • buildallghosts: Builds all placed blueprints.
  • addallitems: You get all items.
  • addallstoryitems: Get all story items.
  • itemhack on/off: Infinite items.
  • survival on/off: No need to eat and drink.
  • save: Saves the game.
  • speedyrun on/off: Makes you run incredibly fast.
  • invisible on/off: Makes you walk on water and disables various effects.
  • killallenemies: Kills all cannibals and mutants in the game.
  • enemies on/off: Turns enemies on or off.
  • additem 77: Instantly get a live rabbit.
  • terrainrender on/off: Turns on terrain.
  • lightingtimeofdayoverride noon: Sets game lighting to noon until turned off.
  • forcerain heavy: Changes weather to heavy rain.
  • forcerain sunny: Changes weather to sunny.
  • cutdowntrees X: Replace X with any number cut down X trees.
  • cutdowntrees X%: Cuts down X% of trees.
  • cutgrass X: Cut grass in X radius around player.

 That’s it for our guide on the best The Forest cheats and console commands. Check out more of our The Forest guides.

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