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The winner's cirlce for Guardian Games All-Stars in Destiny 2
Image via Bungie

Best Way to Farm All Medallions in Destiny 2 Guardian Games All-Stars

If you want the most rewards during the Guardian Games All-Stars in Destiny 2, you'll need to know the best ways to farm Medallions.

Want your class to do well in Destiny 2 Guardian Games All-Stars? Then you’ll need Medallions and lots of them. Knowing how to farm all the Medallion types quickly and efficiently will not only help your chosen class advance in ranking but will ensure you get all the rewards you could ever want.

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The short answer to “How do you farm Medallions in Destiny 2?” is to participate in Guardian Games All-Stars activities and wear your Guardian Games class item at all times.

A Guardian on a Throne during the Guardian Games All-Stars in Destiny 2
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Do that, and you’ll earn a steady supply of Medallions you can take to the scoreboard in the Tower. If you don’t take any time to optimize your Medallion farming, it’ll take you a while to get a lot of them, but you can easily double your take with a few simple tips.

How to Farm Bronze Medallions in Destiny 2 Guardian Games All-Stars

Bronze Medallion get in Destiny 2 Guardian Games All-Stars
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Bronze Medallions are by far the easiest to find during this year’s Guardian games. That’s just one reason the Medallion Case has five slots for them rather than three. To farm them, you need to complete Guardian Games activities with your event class item equipped. Do that, then go and complete any event activity to automatically receive two Bronze Medallions.

Note that because Bronze Medallions are so common, there are no Guardian Games bounties or specific methods for farming them. As the baseline reward for the event, just playing is more than enough.

How to Farm Silver Medallions in Destiny 2 Guardian Games All-Stars

Silver Medallion get in Destiny 2 Guardian Games All-Stars
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Farming Silver Medallions is where things start to get interesting. Like Bronze Medallions, you get Silver ones for playing Guardian Games activities, but you have to work for them. Specifically, you need to perform in Supremacy and Gambit matches and get past the Silver score threshold in event Strikes.

For example, I ran a Competitive Nightfall with two randoms. We breached the Platinum score threshold, and, in the end, I got two Silver Medallions on top of all my other rewards. The activity took my Fireteam about 12 minutes to complete, and I wasn’t in the Class Matchmaking playlist.

It’s that last modifier that really kicks your Medallion farm into high gear. Class matchmaking forces a Fireteam to be made up of one Hunter, one Warlock, and one Titan. Queue times are a bit longer due to a disparity of class populations (Hunters are the most popular class, by far), but you get bonus Medallions for completing activities in this specific playlist. It’s not double rewards, sadly, but you do get at least one or two additional Medallions, depending on the difficulty and score thresholds reached.

How to Farm Gold Medallions in Destiny 2 Guardian Games All-Stars

Screenshot by GameSkinny

While Bronze and Silver Medallions are easy to get, there’s no deterministic way to get them. You just…do. Gold Medallions add an additional wrinkle to Guardian Games progression. The best way to farm them is, sadly, to pick up Gold Contender Cards from Eva and play the Guardian Games versions of the core ritual playlists: Recreational, Supremacy, and Class vs. Class Gamble.

The trouble is, you can only hold one Contenter Card per activity type in Destiny 2: PvE or PvP. In other words, if you have a Vanguard Ops Gold Contender card, you can’t pick up a Seasonal Content or Lost Sector one, and vice versa. The same goes for PvP Contender Cards.

My best advice for farming Gold Medallions, then, is to pick up one of each kind of Contender Card, then do your level best to carry your fireteam to a Platinum score in a Competitive Nightfall in the Class Matchmaking pool. Then finish whichever PvP activity you choose, then return to the Tower. If you’re lucky, the Platinum Strike will have awarded at least one Gold Medallion, and completing the Card will as well.

How to Farm Platinum Medallions in Destiny 2 Guardian Games All-Stars

Platinum Medallion get in Destiny 2 Guardian Games All-Stars
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Thanks to their increased rarity and higher-reward structure, Platinum Medallions are much tougher to farm, especially as of writing with high-difficulty Lost Sectors being unavailable. Like Gold Medallions, Platinum ones are best farmed using Contender Cards and getting super high scores in the Competitive Nightfall playlist. Strikes are, as they have always been, the most rewarding activities in Destiny 2, so if you aren’t yet tired of them, I guarantee you will be shortly.

Also, don’t expect to get too many Platinum Medallions, even if you get a Platinum score in a Nightfall or go absolutely ham in a Supremacy or Gambit match. You’ll get them occasionally, and more frequently in class matchmaking, but nothing crazy.

How to Farm Diamond Medallions in Destiny 2 Guardian Games All-Stars

Diamond Medallion Contender Card in Destiny 2 Guardian Games All-Stars
Screenshot by GameSkinny

As the rarest and most valuable Medallion in Guardian Games All-Stars, you won’t be getting your hands on too many Diamond Medallions. As of writing, there are only two ways to get them, and you’re maxed at two each week.

  • Complete a Diamond Contender Card: These high-difficulty bounties require you to engage in challenging activities with specific modifiers. The Diamond Card for the first week of the Games requires that you complete any Raid with a full team of the same class. Thankfully, there are a lot of tools available to make this challenge a bit more bearable, particularly the Fireteam Finder feature. While not as foolproof as getting a team together through a more dedicated community, it is the most accessible source of Raid teams in Destiny 2.
  • Get Twitch Drops by watching Destiny 2 streamers: Also once per week, so long as you’ve activated Twitch Drops for the Bungie account tied to your main Destiny 2 character, you can earn a single Diamond Medallion. You’ll need to watch any streamer with Drops on for two or more hours (they’ll announce it in their title), then Claim it from your Twitch inventory. Once claimed, visit Eva at the Tower to claim the Medallion.

Additional Ways to Farm Medallions in Destiny 2 Guardian Games All-Stars

There are two additional methods of getting Medallions that don’t fall into an activity type: earning Focused Activity Winners Packages and via the Event Card. The former depends on which class wins the Focused Activity scoreboard that goes live every four hours and lasts for two.

The Focused Activity Winners Package in Destiny 2
Screenshot by GameSkinny

When a new Focused Activity (called out in that activity’s description in the Tower Director) goes live, the first class you enter the playlist with “pledges” to the activity. Play your first match as a Warlock, and any score you accumulate in the activity will go toward Warlock standings, and so on. At the end of the Focused Activity’s duration, the class with the highest score will receive a Focused Activity Winners Package after a short time, and these are filled to the brim with Medallions.

The Guardian Games event card also has specific challenges that reward Gold or Platinum Medallions, depending on the difficulty or grind level involved. These are one-time rewards, but they’re nice to have.

And those are all the best ways I know to farm Medallions during the Guardian Games All-Stars in Destiny 2. Nothing earth-shattering here, just standard event progression. For more content on Destiny 2’s latest event and the game more generally, see our D2 guides hub.

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