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Best Xbox Minecraft Seeds for September 2022

From challenging mountain biomes to quick-access mangrove swamps, here are 10 awesome seeds to try out in your Minecraft world on Xbox.

When making a new Minecraft world, it's likely you'll opt for using a randomly generated seed. While world generation is usually pretty good, it's rare to end up with a truly great seed by chance. Instead, those looking for these kinds of one-in-a-million seeds will usually need to manually input them.

In this list, we have 10 cool seeds for Minecraft on Xbox. These worlds include impressive amazing landscapes, rare structural spawns, massive cave systems, and more. No matter what your playstyle is, there is more than likely a seed here that will fit it.

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Seed: -7506458294729401598

  • Coordinates: At spawn
  • Biomes: Oak Forest, Grove

This seed is intended for those who love beautiful landscapes. It isn't necessarily stacked with structures or loot, but the incredibly biodiverse mountain range at spawn is what makes this seed so special. You can find snow-capped mountains enclosing an oak forest valley.

Building homes in mountains can be especially challenging, as steep changes in elevation can be a pain to work with, so this seed is geared more towards expert builders or those who just enjoy exploring the natural generation of Minecraft.

Seed: 1690946511

  • Coordinates: 624 73 -1232
  • Biomes: Dark Oak Forest, Lush Caves

After a short walk, you can find a very unique world generation indeed. Directly beside a large Woodland Mansion — which is cool in its own right  there is a completely exposed cave spider spawner in a crater.

Cave spider spawners exposed to the surface like this are remarkably rare, and this same cave opens into a beautiful lush cave system ripe for exploration. Of course, there is also the abandoned mineshaft that this spawner is a part of, meaning you'll be decked out with loot in no time.

Seed: -1808205616

  • Coordinates: 1437 90 -872
  • Biomes: Plains

This seed is home to some of the unluckiest villagers, maybe ever. Those who travel to the above coordinates will find a plains village built into a hill. Inside this village, a Pillager Outpost can be found.

Just to make matters worse, underneath the bottom floor of the outpost is an exposed zombie dungeon. The only two mobs in the game who are out to kill villagers, and they both spawn in this poor village. This means you'll have to act incredibly quickly if you want to save these villagers from certain death.

Seed: -8836613067882227648

  • Coordinates: -1051 70 635
  • Biomes: Plains, Mangrove Swamp

Scratch that. These are the most unlucky villagers in Minecraft. This bizarre plains village is built into a windswept mountain, with pieces of the village being isolated on floating islands. These poor villagers have limited resources and no way out but a long drop.

This village is home to a blacksmith (but you'll have to climb for it), and it borders a rare mangrove swamp, one of the newest additions in Minecraft 1.19. These swamps are the only areas to obtain the new mangrove trees and roots.

Seed: 3848164776599247812

  • Coordinates: 661 62 -847
  • Biomes: Grove, Jagged Peaks

This seed offers some cool structural generation, paired with a beautiful environment. You can travel out to find a snow village, which has generated up the side of a mountain, meandering from the very bottom to the peak.

By following this village up, you'll enter a massive valley enclosed by snowy mountains on all sides. This valley features a tiny ravine, which may seem like not much at first, but following the cave down will lead straight into a deep dark cave biome.

Seed: -1297929839

  • Coordinates: At spawn
  • Biomes: Taiga

This seed is perfect for those who are looking for an easy start. Just a few blocks from where you'll spawn, you'll find yourself a taiga village. This village, however, is definitely not one to scoff at.

There are a total of not one, not two, but seven blacksmiths in this one village, which has got to be some sort of record. From these blacksmiths alone, you can get a full set of iron armor (plus some extra armor), an iron pick and sword, 11 diamonds, and five obsidian blocks. There is also a ruined portal just across the river.

Seed: -8564536041070109397

  • Coordinates: At spawn
  • Biomes: Beach, Oak Forest

Those who enjoy survival island seeds will love this one. This seed features two main islands, including oak and birch trees, as well as two miniature islands at spawn. One island features a shipwreck, while the other has exceptionally rare surfaced ancient ruins.

Survival island seeds are for those who prefer a challenge over exploration. Of course, you can choose to venture out if you please, but it's the challenge that makes this seed so interesting. The objective is to live solely off of the resources available on the spawn islands and see how far you can progress with it.

Seed: 2237800431506083219

  • Coordinates: 173 65 75
  • Biomes: Mangrove Swamp, Plains, Savannah

This seed drops you right next to a river, where you can find a quick and easily-accessible plains village just across. That isn't what makes this seed great, but it makes for some quick resources.

Traveling a bit further, you can find two more villages next to one another. One of these villages spawns in a patch of plains inside a rare mangrove swamp. The other is a more standard savannah village. It is not too common to see villages spawn this close to one another.

Seed: -7099328885223510224

  • Coordinates: At spawn
  • Biomes: Dark Oak Forest, Grove, Birch Forest

This seed is perfect for technical players who love to make complex mob systems. Right at spawn, you'll find a massive Woodland Mansion, which is home to a quintuple spider spawner. This many spawners in close proximity is a dream for mob farm enthusiasts.

We've punched out a few walls here to show where the five spawner rooms are in relation to one another. These spawners are well within range to all be active at once if the player stands in the right spot, making for incredible spider farm potential.

Seed: 61745200092846642

  • Coordinates: -1016 99 429
  • Biomes: Dark Oak Forest, Lush Caves, Deep Dark

Last but not least, this seed features a Woodland Mansion about a kilometer and a half out from spawn, generated overtop a massive, lush cave system. The cave system can be accessed through a nearby entrance or by simply digging down to it.

You can follow this cave system all the way down to -934 -11 496, where you'll find an abandoned mineshaft, as well as an entrance to an Ancient City. The mineshaft extends into the city, as do the lush caverns.

Those are our 10 Xbox seeds for September 2022, but if you're interested in seeing some more on other platforms, head to our Minecraft seeds page!

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