It's a long road to Bravely Default 2's true ending, but our guide is here to help you get there — seeing the other endings along the way.

Bravely Default 2 Endings: How to Get the True, Bad, and Secret Conclusions

It's a long road to Bravely Default 2's true ending, but our guide is here to help you get there — seeing the other endings along the way.

In keeping with its namesake, there’s more than one Bravely Default 2 ending. In fact, there’s a bad ending, a secret ending, and a true ending. Getting to the latter is no easy task as the game has you dig into nearly everything it has to offer before pitting you against a string of vicious bosses.

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Our Bravely Default 2 ending guide lays out all the requirements you need to make it through to each of the game’s conclusions. Beware, some spoilers follow. 

Prep Work to Unlock All Bravely Default 2 Endings

You’ve got some work to do before even thinking about the bad ending. Unlocking the true ending requires every Asterisk, including the game’s three optional jobs: Gambler, Salve-Maker, and Bravebearer.

Gambler becomes available roughly mid-way through chapter one in Savalon. It’s a side quest at the gaming hall where you have to clear out a series of opponents in Bravely Default 2’s card game, which is tedious but worth it for the true ending.

The quest is still available later, so no need to worry if you missed it the first time.

Salve-Maker is also part of a quest chain, and you can access this one in the early stages of chapter three when you reach Enderno.

Bravebearer is more complicated, and we’ll get to that in due course. 

Bravely Default 2’s Bad Ending

Bravely Default 2’s bad ending is very … not good. It’s also the default conclusion (no pun intended), so there’s nothing you can do to avoid it. Without straying into spoilers, here’s how it goes down.

The first final boss is The Evil One. It’s weak to fire and has 150,000 HP, so make sure you’re well equipped to deal with a long fight. A Black Mage for strong fire magic and a Bard for buffs wouldn’t go amiss, and a Spiritmaster main or sub-job is literally a lifesaver.

Unless you’re short on Pg, you can be fairly free with your healing items except for elixirs. You’ll have a chance to travel around Excillant again after the bad ending to restock on most healing items, though elixirs should be saved for the true final boss.

The Evil One changes form when its HP drops to a certain level, so be prepared for a tougher fight towards the end.

Once the battle ends, watch the tragic scene play out, dry your eyes, and save your completed data. Then re-load that cleared data.

Bravely Default 2’s Secret Ending

You’ll begin the game before the Chamber of Sealing. Interact with the purple-ish save point to begin the next chapter.

When a certain character asks you whether you’re ready to face your final challenge (spoiler: it’s not the real final challenge), say no, and hightail it back to the mountains between Savalon and Halcyonia. 

Visit the grave where the prologue ended, and you’ll start another fight. Victory earns you the Bravebearar Asterisk.

Bravebearer takes a unique approach for its powers, tweaking the BP system and even drawing power from your total playtime for some attacks. It’s game-breaking, utterly fantastic, and totally necessary for the real final battle.

But first, you’ve got another tough fight ahead. Return to the character who asked you if you were ready for the final fight, and say yes this time. Victory earns you Bravely Default 2‘s secret ending. Save, load the clear file, and you’ll appear at the Font of Knowledge.

Bravely Default 2 True Ending

The only thing to do for Bravely Default 2’s true ending at this point is to leap down into the abyss and take on the true final boss. As you’d expect, Bravely Default 2’s true final boss is the toughest fight in the game. 

Having one party member as a Bravebearer and a White Mage with Spiritmaster abilities is highly recommended. The White Mage’s Sacred Light special move buffs the entire party and heals a significant chunk of HP, so it’s worth making White Mage the primary job for your healer instead of Spiritmaster.

As with the other final not-final bosses, the true last boss has two forms. The first form has three targets: two hands and the core. The hands are immune to most elements and halve light magic damage, so focus on non-elemental physical attacks. Skills that affect more than one target are a good idea here.

The core is weak to swords and light magic. However, it can also counter basically everything you do, including Defaulting and using items. It won’t always counter, but be prepared anyway.

The second form is more brutal and has no weaknesses, plus it’s immune to Earth. This form can inflict party-wide debuffs across all stats in one move, and it also has a move that reduces the party’s BP by one. This BP-reducing move sometimes gets used as a counter, hence the recommendation of having a Bravebearer in the party.

Dish out your strongest attacks, strike a balance between healing and offense, and use elixirs as needed to restore MP. Persevere, and you’ll see Bravely Default 2’s real conclusion.

That’s everything you need to know about Bravely Default 2’s true ending and other endings, but stick around for more guides in the coming days.

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