Here is how you get all four Bravely Default 2 Growth Eggs so you can maximize EXP and JP grinding efficiency.

Bravely Default 2 Growth Eggs Locations Guide

Here is how you get all four Bravely Default 2 Growth Eggs so you can maximize EXP and JP grinding efficiency.

Grinding for levels is an important gameplay aspect of the Bravely Default series. In Bravely Default 2, there are many tools that can make the grind faster and easier, even more so than the previous entries. The Growth Egg is one such tool that doubles the amount of EXP and JP you gain. 

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In previous games, the Growth Egg’s effects spread evenly throughout the entire party when one character has it equipped. In BD2, there are four separate Growth Eggs that each character must equip in order to reap the benefits.

How to Get Growth Eggs in Bravely Default 2

Bravely Default 2 Growth Eggs are earned through side quests. Below are the locations for each of them, including the quests you must complete to acquire them. 

Chapter 6: Mag Mell and “The Collector” Quest

Mag Mell on a bridge.

In Chapter 6, go to Mag Mell. You should see a fairy on the bridge with a blue cloud over her head, signifying a quest. She will give you “The Collector” quest, where you must collect 20 Oberon Gems.

You may have a few already, but there’s a quick way to get more.

How to Get Oberon Gems from Leannan Sith

Travel to Halcyonia, and go north of the area. You’ll find a stationary monster named Leannan Sith (location shown below), who frequently drops Oberon Gems one at a time upon defeat. At this point in the game, you should be able to take this rare monster on with no problem. 

You can also steal two Oberon Gems from it with your Thief Job steal abilities, but it seems to be a one-time thing. I was able to steal two of them, but never more, no matter how many times I faced it.

Leannan Sith respawns every time you leave the area and come back. Luckily, there’s an area you can travel between that’s close to it.

After getting 20 Oberon Gems, go back to the fairy in Mag Mell, and she’ll reward you with two Growth Eggs. 

Leannan Sith map location.

Chapter 6: Martha and the “Doctor’s Orders” Quest

Go to the Serpent’s Grotto near the Rimedhal area. In the deepest part of the grotto, speak with Martha to receive the “Doctor’s Orders” quest. You will need to find some Calmagrass to help Gwylim heal his wings.

Follow the quest marker, and it should lead you to the Frosty Forest. Continue along, and it should lead you all the way to the end, where you’ll have to fight a boss named the Xolotl.

Xolotl is vulnerable to quite a few weapons and elements, namely:

  • Fire
  • Light
  • Axes
  • Daggers

Utilize those to maximize the amount of damage you inflict. The boss also takes half damage from water and lightning moves, and it absorbs dark elemental attacks. So avoid using those.

Party of four heroes fighting the Xolotl boss.

Upon defeating it, you’ll find your Calmagrass. Return to Martha in Serpent’s Grotto, and she’ll give you the remaining two Growth Eggs.

And that’s how you get the four Bravely Default 2 Growth Eggs. Remember to equip the Growth Eggs for each of your characters. Combine them with the tactics found in our JP farming guide, and you’ll earn even more JP than before! If you’re looking for other tips and tricks to Square’s turn-based RPG, consider heading over to our Bravely Default 2 guides hub for articles on the quest log, endings, and more. 

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