Bravely Default: Dark Knight Job Guide

Master the darkness within with this Bravely Default Dark Knight Job Guide.
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Everyone has a dark side. Some more than others. For those who seek to use the darkness to destroy your enemies, the Dark Knight is for you. Follow me down this dark road to learn how to turn your pain into gain.

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This guide will cover everything about Dark Knight including:

  • Unlocking Dark Knight : How to unlock the job.
  • Equipment Guide: What they use, and the optimal equips.
  • Ability List: What level they get them.
  • Cross Job Tips: Which jobs fit well with Dark Knight.
  • Special Moves: Which are best suited for Dark Knight.
  • Combat Tips: Being most effective in battle.

Unlocking Dark Knight

You unlock Dark Knight at the end of Chapter 4 by defeating Alternis Dim. Just follow the main quest until you have to go to the Holy Pillar. Once you choose to enter, you fight Alternis Dim after a cut scene.

Equipment Guide

Dark Knight’s have an S aptitude for Katanas, Swords, and Helms. They also have an A aptitude for Spears, Armor, and Shields.

  • You want Strength to take advantage of their high Physical Attack.
  • They are the only class with S aptitude for Helms, so use the best on Dark Knight.
  • Katanas are the best because they give crit. If you have a better Sword though, use that.


Ability List

Dark Knights have the Adversity Specialty.

  • Adversity – Raises Physical and Magic Attack, and Physical and Magic Defense by 10% for three turns each time you lose 25% of your maximum HP. This boost stays even after being healed. Damaging yourself with Dark Knight attacks also activates it.
Level 1
  • Dark Bane – Uses 20% of Maximum HP to attack one target with a Dark physical attack that does 1.25 times the damage of a normal attack.
Level 2
  • Abate Dark – Support ability that reduces damage taken from Dark attacks. Does not stack with items with similar effects.
Level 3
  • Adversity – Support ability that lets you use the DK’s Specialty on other Jobs.
Level 4
  • Demon Master – Charms one target of the Demonkind family.
Level 5
  • See You in Hell – Support ability that does four times the damage of a normal attack to all enemies when you get K.O. This doesn’t activate if you have the Reraise effect on.
Level 6
  • Minus Strike – Does damage to one target based on the amount of HP you have lost.
Level 7
  • Helm Lore – Support ability that raises the aptitude for helms to S.
Level 8
  • Black Bane – Uses 30% of Maximum HP to attack all enemies with a Dark physical attack that does 1.5 times the damage of a normal attack.


Level 9
  • Gloom – Support ability that raises the damage of Dark attacks by 1.25 times, regardless of whether it is from a weapon, magic, or an ability
Level 10
  • Absorb Magic – Nullifies damage from Magic Attacks at the start of a turn. It lasts for the turn and restores your MP by the same amount of MP used to attack you. Does not apply to reflected magic damage.
Level 11
  • Dark Nebula – Uses 20% of Maximum HP to attack all enemies and allies with a Dark physical attack that does four times the damage of a normal attack.
Level 12
  • Physical Attack 30% Up – Support ability that raises Physical Attack by 30%.
Level 13
  • Life or Death – Raises Physical and Magic Attack, and Physical and Magic Defense by 50% for four turns. Puts you in Doom, so that you die at the end of four turns.
Level 14
  • Rage – Consumes HP to attack until HP is one.

Cross Job Tips

  • Pirates are nice if you want a Physical Attack boost without using three slots. Their 20% boost lets you choose another support ability.
  • Monks are very good for their HP boost support ability. The HP you lose as a Dark Knight, the more damage you do.

Special Moves

  • Level 1 – Default 5 times.
    • Moonshadow– Attacks one enemy and inflicts Stop. Raises Physical Attack for all allies.
  • Level 2 – Default 10 times.
    • Breaking Wave – Attacks all with Water. Raises Crit Rate for all allies.
  • Level 3 – Default 15 times.
    • Petal Swirl – Attacks one enemy. Raises Speed for all allies.
  • Level 1 – Brave 10 times.
    • Hack and Slash– Attacks one enemy, lowering their Physical Defense. Raises Hit Count for all allies.
  • Level 2 – Brave 20 times.
    • Air Splitter – Attacks all enemies. Raises Physical Attack for all allies.
  • Level 3 – Brave 30 times.
    • Sonic Wave – Attacks one enemy with Wind. Raises Physical Attack for all allies.

Combat Tips

Dark Knights do their most damage on the brink of death. Finding the balance between living and dying is a little tricky.

  • Using Provoke on another character, or using the Ninja’s ability to direct all attacks to someone other than your Dark Knight is helpful when the DK’s HP is low.
  • If you use the Spiritmaster’s Enigma, you can use the DK’s Dark Nebula without harming your allies.
  • Using Dark Nebula while your allies can absorb mage will heal them and you still damage the enemies.

I hope you didn’t let the darkness consume you. If you want tips on anything else, check out my Master Guide List for Bravely Default.

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