Bravely Default Prologue Guide Part 2

The conclusion of the Prologue guide. Check this out to finish your preparations for the long journey ahead.

The conclusion of the Prologue guide. Check this out to finish your preparations for the long journey ahead.

This guide picks ups where my Prologue Guide Part One left off. Check there if you need help before this point.

This guide covers the introduction of the game including:

  • Ruins of Centro Keep: How to get through, and getting all the items.
  • Black Mage Ominas Boss Fight : What he does, and how to beat him.
  • Lontano Villa: How to get through.
  • Knight Argent Heinkel Boss Fight: What he does and how to beat him.
Ruins of Centro Keep
1st Floor
  • [Cut Scene] – After the scenes, head east, pull the switch to open the northern gate, then go up the steps.

2nd Floor
  • Head south, then pull the switch to open the gate to the north.
  • Go towards the gate, then follow the path west before entering. It leads to a chest with Silver Glasses.
  • Head back to the opened gate, then up the stairs.
3rd Floor
  • Head east to grab the chest for a Phoenix Down.
  • Go south, then east to a seemingly dead-end. Keep heading south on a secret path, then west to grab a chest with an Iron Knuckles weapon.
  • Go south, then northeast to pull a switch that opens the western gate. Head north a little for a chest with Echo Herbs.
  • Go back west, through the newly opened gate, then south to a chest for a Wakeup Bell.
  • Continue west to pull the switch that opens the northern gate. Go through the gate, then down the stairs.
2nd Floor
  • Go all the way south to grab a chest with Mage Masher weapon. Head north and take the middle path east.
  • Take the Potion to the north, then go south to pull the switch. Head north through the newly opened gate.
  • You can save and buy items at the Adventurer shop, then head down the stairs.
1st Floor
  • [Cut Scene] – After the scenes, a battle will start against Ominas. Edea joins you for the fight.
Black Mage Ominas Boss Fight


  • HP: 1800
  • Weakness: None
  • Family:Human
  • Skills: Poison, Fire, Silence, Sleep

Ominas is a Black Mage, so he will use many offensive spells. The fight is pretty easy as long as you have at least one White Mage.

  • He will cast Poison when you are not poisoned, so don’t waste time healing it.
  • Keep group healing when HP is at half or lower.
  • Attack until defeated.

When the fight is over, you get the Black Mage asterisk and Edea joins your party for good. I recommend Ringabel as a Black Mage because he has the second highest INT, but lower MND. Agnes is still best as a White Mage. Edea has good STR, so use her as a Monk for now.

  • Head east, then south to leave the ruins.
  • [Cut Scene] – Head back to Caldisla after the cut scene, then head to the palace. Stop by the magic shop to buy Black Mage spells before you go.
  • [Cut Scene] – After the scenes, leave the palace for another cut scene.
  • You control only Edea now, so head west to the point on your map to start another cut scene.
World Map
  • When you get control over the full party again, leave Caldisla and head back to the ruins. Continue north to a big door for a cut scene.
  • [Cut Scene] – Afterwards, go through the door and follow the world map north to the airship.
Lontano Villa
  • [Cut Scene] – Enter the airship after the cut scene and a battle will begin.
1st Floor
  • Head north around the outside to grab an Ether, then head to the inside. Go all the way around to get an Antidote.
  • Go northwest to the outside ring, then east and up the stairs.
2nd Floor
  • Go south, then to the eastern room to get a Potion.
  • Follow the outer path to the west, then go down the stairs. Continue to a chest with a Spear.
  • Head back upstairs,  then exit to the northwest. Follow the path outside to get to the other side of the 2nd floor.
  • Continue north past the stairs to get a White Cape. Go up the stairs.
3rd Floor
  • Grab the Phoenix down to the north, then head south.
  • Follow the path until you reach the Adventurer Shop.
  • [Cut Scene] – After you finish with the shop, head to the point on your map. A battle will begin after the scenes.
  • Continue on the path to reach outside. Head east for another cut scene.
Knight Argent Heinkel Boss Fight


  • HP: 2400
  • Weakness: Lightning
  • Family: human
  • Skills: Protect Ally, Ironclad, Shield Strike

Heinkel is a Knight, so he has high defense. He also can shield friends. A Black Mage is a must for this fight. It is also easier with two or more.

  • He will use Protect Ally to protect the two archers with him. Take them out with Lightning magic quick.
  • He also uses Ironclad to raise his physical defense, use plenty of magic against him.
  • His attacks are weak, so after the archers are gone, just attack until he’s defeated.

You get the Knight asterisk when the fight is over. Tiz and Edea are close as to who is best for Knight. I picked Tiz because he has more HP and kept Edea as Monk because she has higher STR.

World Map
  • [Cut Scene] – After the events on the air ship, head east to Caldisla.
  • Go to the palace for another cut scene.
  • Leave town afterwards, then head east on the world map to reach the air ship.
World Map
  • [Cut Scene] – After the scenes, you gain control of the airship
  • Head east to the point on your map. After landing, you will begin chapter 1.

That wraps up the Prologue guide. If you have any questions or suggestions, let me know in the comments! Stay tuned for guides on the various Jobs in the game.

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