No need to look to the stars for Astrologian help in Bravely Second, just this guide!

Bravely Second Astrologian Job Guide

No need to look to the stars for Astrologian help in Bravely Second, just this guide!
This article is over 8 years old and may contain outdated information

Astrologian is a very good support Job in Bravely Second. This mostly comes from the Job’s specialty, which makes support abilities activate at the start of their turn. They also cover a wide array of support magic, go beyond the stat limit, and even makes them last longer!

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If you want a support magic Job, Astrologian should be at the top of your list, no matter what you plan to do. Check out my Master Guide List for any other guides on Bravely Second.

This guide will go over everything about Astrologian in Bravely Second including:

  • Unlocking Astrologian – How to unlock the Job.
  • Equipment Guide – The optimal equips for this Job.
  • Ability List – Each ability and when you get them.
  • Cross Job Tips – Which Jobs work well with this one.
  • Combat Tips – How to use this in battles. 

Unlocking Astrologian

You unlock Astrologian after defeating Norzen in Al-Khampis in chapter 1.

Equipment Guide

Astrologian has S rank in Rods and A rank in Staves.

Bravely Second Astrologian stats

  • Use light armor that increases magic attack and defense.
  • Equip a shield in your off-hand if you want more defense.
  • Accessories that increase INT, MND, or MP are useful.
  • Rods are the best choice if you want to add magic attack, or have a sub job that deals with attack magic.
  • Staves are a good choice if you plan to have another support or healing sub job, such as Bishop or White Mage.

Ability List

The specialty for Astrologian is Prescience.

  • Prescience – Spells and abilities augmenting status or granting supportive properties will take effect at the beginning of each turn.
Level 1
  • Astral Magic Lv 1 – Enables the use of level 1 Astral Magic: Physical Boon and Mystic Boon.
    • Physical Boon – Raise a target’s P.Atk by 30% for 4 turns.
    • Mystic Boon – Raise a target’s M.Atk by 30% for 4 turns.
Level 2
  • Astral Magic Lv 2 – Enables the use of level 2 Astral Magic: Evade Boon and Elemental Ward.
    • Evade Boon – Raise a target’s evasion by 30% for 4 turns.
    • Elemental Ward – Erects a barrier around the target that halves damage causes by your chosen element for 4 turns.
Level 3
  • Precognition (Support Skill. Cost: 1)  Prevent foes from gaining first strike or scoring a Brave Attack.
Level 4
  • Astral Magic Lv 3 – Enables the use of level 3 Astral Magic: Speed Boon and Magic Mirror.
    • Speed Boon – Raise the target’s speed by 30% for 4 turns.
    • Magic Mirror – Erect a barrier around the target that reflects white magic, black magic, time magic, spirit magic, holy magic, and astral magic for 4 turns.
Level 5
  • Astral Magic Lv 4 – Enables the use of level 4 Astral Magic: Physical Ward and Mystic Ward.
    • Physical Ward – Raise a target’s P.Def by 30% for 4 turns.
    • Mystic Ward – Raise target’s M.Def by 30% for 4 turns.
Level 6
  • Prescience (Support Skill. Cost: 2) – Allows you to use the Astrologian Specialty on other Jobs.
Level 7
  • Astral Magic Lv 5 – Enables the use of level 5 Astral Magic: Lucky Day and Elemental Mirror.
    • Lucky Day – Increase target’s success rate for all abilities for 4 turns, does not work for abilities with a percentage of being triggered.
    • Elemental Mirror – Erect a barrier that reflects physical attack of the element of your choice for 4 turns.
Level 8
  • Astral Magic Lv 6 – Enables the use of level 6 Astral Magic: Elemental Boon and Elemental Barrier.
    • Elemental Boon – Increase the damage of elemental attacks performed by the target to 1.5 times their normal value for 5 turns.
    • Elemental Barrier – Nullify all elemental damage for the target for 4 turns.
Level 9
  • Prolong Support (Support Skill. Cost: 1) – Double the duration of stat-raising effects received by you and your allies.
Level 10
  • Limit Breaker (Support Skill. Cost: 1) – Raise the maximum values for stat-boosting effects received by you and your allies.
    • Only one character needs to have this support ability equipped for the entire party to benefit.
Level 11
  • Astral Magic Lv 7 – Enables the use of level 7 Astral Magic: Status Barrier.
    • Status Barrier – Protect the target from all status ailments for 4 turns.

Cross Job Tips

Bravely Second Astrologian job

  • Wizard is the most important. You need their spellcraft support ability to add the extra effects, mostly Blast, to your spells. This lets you add your support buffs to everyone in the party.
  • Attack magic Jobs such as Black Mage or Summoner if you want to deal damage when you aren’t buffing your team.
  • Healing magic Jobs such as White Mage or Bishop if you want to heal when you aren’t buffing your team.

Combat Tips

Prescience makes Astrologian the ideal magic support Job, even if you aren’t selecting it as your main Job. You will want to use whichever support spells you want as soon as you can, since they activate at the start of the turn.

They have a decent INT and MND and can use Rods or Staves well, so it is a good idea to pick this as your main Job if you plan to use it all. The reason being that you won’t have to use up 2 slots for their support ability.

You will want to save at least 1 extra BP whenever you can so you can add the Blast spellcraft effect to your spells. Adding your effects to all party members really helps, and lets you use certain spells on multiple people that you wouldn’t be able to usually.

That does it for my Bravely Second Astrologian Job guide. Let me know if you have any questions and visit by Beginner Tips and Tricks for more help with this game!

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