Broken Age Vella Walkthrough: Part 2, the Maidens Feast

A quick walkthrough of the Double Fine Adventure Broken Age, specifically the Maidens Feast portion.

A quick walkthrough of the Double Fine Adventure Broken Age, specifically the Maidens Feast portion.

Note: This is Part 2 of a multipart series. If you need a walkthrough of the first scene, you can find it in the intro walkthrough. If this is still not what you’re looking for, you can check out the index of Broken Age guides.

After the house party, Vella is dressed and transported to the Maidens Feast. She is now in a large cake shaped dress, with four other girls in similar attire. 

You can talk to the girls here, and their dialogue will give you an idea of their temparments. Fun Size is attempting to entice Mog Chothra with her weight, Drink Me is as well (I’ll be identifying the women in the rest of this article by the icing descriptions on their dresses.) While you can talk to all the ladies at this point, there’s nothing substantial to be gathered. Just talk to all the maidens, and you can progress forward towards the arrival of Mog Chothra.

Hot Stuff gets eaten first, but Delish (who is also on the end) is basically filler. While you can speak to her, she says nothing of necessity. 

You’re going to first speak with Drink Me. You’ll need her bottle. When first prompted, ask “Hey, can I have a drink of that water?” She’ll ask for Vella’s corset. The bottle will fizz all of Vella, and you’ll have to trade her back. Now you have the corset in your inventory. However, you’ll still need the bottle to interact with Fun Size. Talk to Drink Me again, and ask “Can I borrow that bottle one more time.” 

Now you’ll have the corset, bottle and knife in your inventory. 

It should just be you and Fun Size now, Mog Chothra having polished off the other maidens. 

Fun Size has been eating a drumstick for most of the encounter, and you’ll need that to attract the blue vulture that’s been flying around. When prompted, select “You’re making me hungry” and “want to TRADE something for a bite of that drumstick?”

She’ll ask for an exchange. This is where you’ll want to offer her the bottle. Select the option “how about something bubbly to wash it down.” The bottle will spray all over her and she’ll ask for your assistance. 

You can either offer to trade her the towel, or click and drag the purple towel out of your inventory. In her excitement, she’ll toss you the drumstick, getting it caught in the cake of your dress. Then she’ll get eaten. 

The blue bird, attracted by the drumstick, will fly down to your dress. He is just out reach. At this point, you’ll want click and drag the pink corset from your inventory over the bird. 

At this point you have not escaped. To complete your escape, click and drag the knife across the cake dress to cut yourself free. 

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