Without the Pack-A-Punch weapons upgrade, you won't last long in CoD WW2's Zombie Mode!

Call Of Duty: World War 2 Nazis — Complete Pack A Punch Guide

Without the Pack-A-Punch weapons upgrade, you won't last long in CoD WW2's Zombie Mode!

The CoD series has come full circle with Call Of Duty WWII returning to the eponymous war. And, of course, that also means there are plenty of zombies to take out with all that glorious 1940s weaponry. 

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Grab your buddies (or brave the hordes solo if you’re feeling heroic — or foolish) and get ready to put down some undead in the Final Reich map!

If you really want to dominate in Zombie Mode, you will need to quickly unlock the Pack-A-Punch weapon station to upgrade your arsenal. With just the standard old-time WWII guns, you don’t stand much of a chance without it — especially as the horde mode gets harder and harder. 

 Weapon upgrades galore await you!

COD: WW2 Pack-A-Punch Location

Before the weapon upgrade station can even be accessed, first make sure you’ve already turned on the power for the bunker door, as well as the generators, to gain access to the salt mine.

To get to the weapon upgrade Pack-A-Punch station, head over to the Village Square portion of the map and jump down the hole in the ground (if the hole isn’t open yet, you need to activate the pilot light first). 

 Village Square underground access point

From the access hole, you can head into the underground sewers by unlocking the caged wall for 1250 jolts. 

Head down the tunnel and eventually, you will find a larger central area where the Pack-A-Punch is located. Unfortunately, it’s currently locked underneath a metal cage and is inaccessible. We’re going to fix that problem, though.

Near the cage is a red button with a green light on top. Press that button to activate the three disposal tubes found around the map.

 Press the button!

That only starts the process, though, as there are still three tubes to find in different areas of the map. Like with the portals from the gloriously ’80s themed zombies in Infinite Warfare, the disposal tubes are essentially your method of fast traveling the Final Reich map.

The tubes are obvious, big metal pipes sticking out of the wall with some gross sludge leaking out of them. Yes, you are going to ride that sludge.

Each one costs 250 jolts to access, and you have to use all three before unlocking the Pack-A-Punch. The disposal tubes are found in these locations:

  • Command Room
  • Laboratory
  • Tower (head through the gate in the back of the Pub area)

 Command Room Disposal Tube

Each time you use the tube, you land back in the main weapon upgrade area where a gate will be slightly slightly when you press the red button, slowly gaining access to the actual Pack-A-Punch site. 

The third time you use a disposal tube to go back to the Pack-A-Punch room, the screen will turn red and you have to face off against a wave of zombies.

When that’s out of the way, the coloration goes back to normal and the cage finally raises off the Pack-A-Punch completely!

Now just throw any of your normal (non-Wonder) guns onto the weapon upgrade station, pay the requisite 5,000 jolts, and you have access to upgraded versions of the weaponry required to survive later waves of the Final Reich.

 Facing off against the red wave of Pest Zombies

That’s all you need to know to get to the Call Of Duty WW2 Pack-A-Punch (and many thanks to YouTuber MrDalekJD for the screenshots).

There are other possible routes to reach it besides the Village Square though — let us know how you got there and what you’ve been upgrading to kill all those zombies in the ultra hard ending waves! 

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