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Can You Play Lethal Company on Steam Deck? Answered

If you have an older PC, Lethal Company runs great. But can you play it on Steam Deck? Here's what we know.

With simple controls and reasonable system requirements, scavenging moons for scrap and scanning creatures will be easy on an older PC. But can you play Lethal Company on Steam Deck and take this indie horror hit on the go? We have the answer here.

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Is Lethal Company Steam Deck Verified?

Finding out whether a game is verified on Steam Deck is never a simple yes or no answer. In fact, titles fall on a spectrum of compatibility. Games can be:

  • Deck Verified (green checkmark)
  • Deck Playable (orange info symbol)
  • Unsupported (gray cross-out icon)
  • Untested (gray question mark)

Currently, in Early Access, Lethal Company is an untested Steam Deck game, which means Valve’s testing team hasn’t reached the game yet. It’s unknown whether Steam Deck support is planned. However, you can still try it on the Deck. If it runs great on potato PCs, some of that should translate well over to the handheld device. That said, you might run into some issues, as is the case with games still in development, especially considering compatibility hasn’t been confirmed.

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So far, players have mixed reports about the game’s feel on the Deck compared to the PC. Others have run into bugs, from control inputs to mic problems. Using the terminal can be finicky as well. However, in terms of FPS, many have said Lethal Company runs well when capped at 30 FPS on the handheld device. My experience has been on PC so far, and I haven’t dropped frames yet, but I don’t own a Deck to test it there.

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How to Check if Lethal Company is Steam Deck Verified

If you’d like to keep an eye on Lethal Company‘s Steam Deck status during its Eary Access phase, the best way is to go to the Steam Deck Verified website. Once you log in, you can see all the games from your library that have been tested (or not tested) so far. Several of my Early Access titles aren’t verified yet. Some actually changed their status upon full release.

Valve encourages players to check back often for updates as the team gets to more titles daily. Here’s what the categories mean:

  • Deck Verified: Full functional on Steam Deck, and works great with built-in controls and display.
  • Deck Playable: Functional on Steam Deck, but might require extra effort to interact with or configure.
  • Unsupported: Doesn’t function on Steam Deck.
  • Untested: Hasn’t been tested by Valve’s team.

That answers the question: Is Lethal Company playable on Steam Deck? If you want to take your co-op shenanigans on the go, it doesn’t hurt to give it a try. For more tips and tricks, check out our growing guides hub for the game.

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