Chronicle: RuneScape Legends Dungeoneering Drafting Guide

Dungeoneering is the best way to earn a lot of coins and booster packs in Chronicle: RuneScape Legends. Follow this guide to draft the best decks possible.

Dungeoneering is the best way to earn a lot of coins and booster packs in Chronicle: RuneScape Legends. Follow this guide to draft the best decks possible.

If you like to play Arena in Hearthstone, then you will definitely enjoy Dungeoneering in Chronicle: RuneScape Legends just as much. All you need is to achieve a total level 15 with your Legends and you will have access to the Dungeoneering mode.

Each round costs 1500 coins or 100 ingots, and it is really easy to return the investment, as you need to win only 3 out of 12 possible match-ups in order to make your 1500 coins back (500 coins and a booster pack). So, it’s worth Dungeoneering as soon as you can.

But first, you need to learn what cards to draft for each of your Legends, if you want to bring a truly winning deck into the dungeons of Chronicle: RuneScape Legends.

General Strategy

Correct choice of cards is at the core of your Dungeoneering success. You need to know the cards of each class very well to be able to create a deck with enough early game, synergies and, most importantly, the win condition. Also, you need to know which cards to avoid and never draft in your deck.

This guide offers a set of 12+ cards for each Legend that would easily make a solid basis for any type of deck you wish to draft. If you get at least half of these cards in your deck and have enough early cards, then you should be expecting at least 3 wins.

Ariane Drafting Guide

Chronicle: RuneScape Legends ariane

Ariane is the best class for Dungeoneering just like she is for laddering due to her spells and other cards that are very strong on their own.

As soon as the drafting begins you will be given 15 rounds of 5 cards each to choose from. You can put two cards from every round into your deck, thus ending up with a 30 card deck, which is, of course, more than enough.

Here are the cards that you should be looking for in your Ariane Dungeoneering draft.

Basic/Common cards:

  • Archmage Sedridor – this is a perfect early card with a strong effect that is also extremely cheap.
  • Earth Blast – one of Ariane’s most powerful spells, although a bit expensive. It deals damage that equals double your hand size, so play it when you are left with quite a few cards in your hand. This card can also easily serve as the win condition of your deck.
  • Haunted Soul – this is another cheap and effective card for early/mid game that deals 5 damage to your opponent.
  • KGP Agent – despite having a negative effect (discarding a card), this creature is excellent for early game, as it grants you one additional attack.

Honorable mentions: Crawling Hand, Enfeeble, Sergeant Slimetoes.

Uncommon cards:

  • Stagger – this card works well against your opponent by removing one of his base attack points.
  • Full Tetsu – grants you 7 armor and 7 health points for mere 5 gold, so if you see this card in the draft never doubt to choose it.
  • Earth Wave – this is your late game finisher, a powerful spell that can destroy your opponent, but will discard your whole hand, so play it right before you are ready to finish the match.
  • Lady Hefin – this support card restores 2 health points to your Legend for each card in your hand for 3 gold.

Honorable mentions: Solomon Madini, Zamorakian Occultist

Rare cards:

  • Ancient Spellbook – powerful late game spell that adds 4 more spells to your hand with the following effects: Blood, Ice, Shadow, and Smoke Barrage.
  • Lunar Spellbook – a companion card to Ancient Spellbook with effects of its own: Boost, Borrowed Power, Group Heal, and Vengeance.
  • Shug – an effective ally that swaps the attack and health of your next creature. It works very well with such cards like Kalphite Soldier and Slimetoe.
  • Tormented Demon – a creature with 10 health and 4 attack points that deals 4 damage to both Legends and grants you a 4/2 weapon. Use it alongside Shug and you can win very quickly.

Honorable mentions: TzTok-Jad.

Very rare cards:

  • Kayle – super cheap enemy card that gives you a 4/2 weapon.
  • Kyzaj Tournament – your Legend will gain one additional point of base attack in exchange for 3 gold to your opponent.
  • Lexicus Runewright – insanely good card that gives you 3 random spells and 4 gold.
  • Morwenna – another super effective enemy card that deals damage to your opponent and boosts health of their next creature.

Honorable mentions: Full Dharok, Rolo the Stout, Yelps.

Cards you should never draft:

Cabin Boy, Explosive Potion, Kree’arra, Silverlight, Unholy Cursebearer, Antifire Potion, Chain Shot Cannon, Lumpnose, Cerberus, Dragith Nurn, Ice Troll, Balance Elemental, Wise Old Man, Zemouregal.

Raptor Drafting Guide

Chronicle: RuneScape Legends raptor

Raptor’s cards should help your Legend stack up a lot of armor and base attack points either using allies or equipment/weapons.

Basic/Common cards:

  • Dragon Longsword – a card of utmost importance for Raptor, as it grants him a 5/3 weapon.
  • Fishing Trawler – a healing card that can restore up to 24 points of health.
  • Nastroth – your first ally that grants you an additional base attack.
  • Sergeant Slimetoes – an important universal enemy card giving you both armor and weapon charges.

Honorable mentions: KGP Agent, Stamina Potion.

Uncommon cards:

  • Amulet of Fury – a slightly expensive, but truly rewarding card that boosts your base attack with 2 additional points for 8 gold.
  • Gorajo Hoardstalker – an incredibly powerful card that heals you and equips a strong 5/2 weapon.
  • Solomon Madini – similar to Gorajo, but gives armor instead of heath.
  • Strength Potion – a quick and cheap boost to your damage.

Honorable mentions: Full Tetsu.

Rare cards:

  • TzTok-Jad – use Strength Potion before dealing with this enemy card and gain even more base attack.
  • Preparation – use this before fighting TzTok-Jad and gain 8 gold for free.
  • Count Draynor – helps you steal health from your next creature.
  • Commander Zilyana – a strong enemy, but the rewards consisting of 7 gold and 12 additional health points are totally worth it.

Honorable mentions: Shug, Tormented Demon.

Very rare cards:

  • Barricade – an excellent support card that weakens your next enemy and grants you 10 armor.
  • Full Dharok – equipment that gives you 2 base attack points for mere 2 gold.
  • Abyssal Whip – a truly powerful card that gives you both a strong weapon and steals health from your next creature.
  • Corporeal Beast – a very strong enemy, but having a lot of health will grant you an equal amount of armor.

Honorable mentions: Kayle, Kyzaj Tournament.

Cards you should never draft:

Cabin Boy, Explosive Potion, Kree’arra, Silverlight, Chain Shot Cannon, Lumpnose, Penguin Sheep, Unstable Concoction, Dragith Nurn, Ice Troll, Balance Elemental, Papa Mambo, Zemouregal.

Ozan Drafting Guide

Chronicle: RuneScape Legends ozan

Despite being the weakest class in Chronicle: RuneScape Legends, Ozan has some strong spells that can easily contest with those of Ariane’s.

Basic/Common cards:

  • Dragon set – excellent late game equipment that gives you tons of armor and a 5/3 weapon.
  • Dragon Scimitar – a cheaper type of weapon equipment that also deals damage to your opponent.
  • Skeleton Champion – mid-game enemy card that grants you a 6/1 weapon and deals 5 damage to the rival.
  • Stamina Potion – a necessary addition to your deck that restores your health and buffs your base attack.

Honorable mentions: KGP Agent, Dragon Longsword, Nastroth, Sergeant Slimetoes.

Uncommon cards:

  • Hope Devourer – a deciding late game creature that steals base attack from your rival.
  • Darren Lightfinger – a great cheap card that also makes your support cards cheaper.
  • Customs Officer – this cheap early enemy gives you half as much gold as that of your opponent’s.
  • Leela – can be very effective in the early game for gaining additional base attack point, but not so much in the late game.

Honorable mentions: Full Tetsu, Gorajo Hoardstalker, Solomon Madini, Strength Potion.

Rare cards:

  • Deathtouched Darts – powerful late game equipment that works well with some strong creature.
  • Eruni, Ayuni & Leeuni – another late game finisher that has the same effect as Deathtouched Darts.
  • Granite Maul – another mid-game equipment that deals damage to your rival.
  • Tenebra – a strong late game creature that should be combined with Deathtouched Darts or Eruni, Ayuni & Leeuni. It will also steal a lot of health from your rival. Tenebra can easily be your deck’s win condition.

Honorable mentions: Shug, Tormented Demon, TzTok-Jad.

Very rare cards:

  • Lady Keli – a mid-game enemy with great value adding 3 strong spells to your hand: Snap Shot, Dazing Shot, and Deadshot.
  • Rolo the Stout – cheap early enemy that gives you armor and equips a ½ weapon.
  • Sir Tiffy Cashien – this support card grants you 12 armor for just 3 gold.
  • Bilrach – late game enemy that can potentially restore enormous amounts of health to your Legend.

Honorable mentions: Kayle, Kyzaj Tournament, Morwenna.

Cards you should never draft:

Cabin Boy, Explosive Potion, Kree’arra, Obsidian Golem, Silverlight, Antifire Potion, Chain Shot Cannon, Lumpnose, Penguin Sheep, Cerberus, Dragith Nurn, Ice Troll, Balance Elemental.

Linza Drafting Guide

Chronicle: RuneScape Legends linza

Linza is similar to Raptor in regard that she is utilizing a lot of weapons and accumulates a lot of armor throughout the match-up.

Basic/Common cards:

  • Karam – a very good mid-game ally card that removes 2 points of base attack from opponent for 7 gold.
  • Pulverise – a super strong and cheap spell that doubles your weapon damage.
  • Goblin Raider – early game minion that grants you a starting weapon and armor.
  • Ice Warrior – a companion card to Goblin Raider with the same effect.

Honorable mentions: KGP Agent, Dragon Longsword, Sergeant Slimetoes.

Uncommon cards:

  • Chaotic Longsword – a cheap and powerful equipment that gives you a 6/2 weapon for 4 gold.
  • Dust Devil – this enemy removes 1 base attack point from your rival in exchange for your weapon.
  • Chaotic Rapier – this equipment card is especially effective against other armor-based Legends, as it grants you a weapon with charge the equals half of your rival’s armor.
  • Crassian Warrior – a cheap minion that draws you 2 cards without any drawbacks.

Honorable mentions: Major Mary Rancour, Work Order.

Rare cards:

  • Repurpose – an entirely free spell that exchanges your weapon for 10 armor.
  • Wormbrain – cheap enemy with a completely unique effect that can change your entire gameplan.
  • Black Demon – a strong enemy that deals a lot of damage to your opponent.
  • Dragon Forge – a powerful spell that reinforces your weapon’s durability.

Honorable mentions: Shug, TzTok-Jad, Tormented Demon.

Very rare cards:

  • Tetsu Katana – probably the strongest equipment card in the entire game granting you an 8/3 weapon.
  • Lady Zay – potentially a very dangerous card, if you can get one or more Cannonballs in your hand.
  • Zulrah – late game card that can grant you a lot of gold.
  • Partyhat – another card that can quickly give you a lot of gold in exchange for a few cards in your hand.

Honorable mentions: Abyssal Whip, Kayle, Kyzaj Tournament.

Cards you should never draft:

Bartak’s Anvil, Cabin Boy, Explosive Potion, Kree’arra, Silverlight, Antifire Potion, Chain Shot Cannon, Lumpnose, Cerberus, Dragith Nurn, Balance Elemental.

Venescula Drafting Guide

Chronicle: RuneScape Legends venescula

This Legend can be described as the hybrid of Ariane and Ozan. She relies a lot on spells that steal and manipulate her opponents’ health.

Basic/Common cards:

  • Alpha Werewolf – a relatively strong mid-game enemy card that can deal up to 8 damage to your rival.
  • Gorge – a mid-game spell that can steal up to 6 damage from your opponent.
  • Meiyerditch Prisoner – an early enemy that gives you health and an additional card draw.
  • Mass Drain – super strong a cheap spell that steals health from all your creatures.

Honorable mentions: Dreadnaut, Flying Leech, Vyrewatch.

Uncommon cards:

  • Gravecreeper – potentially a very dangerous card in the late game and a possible win condition.
  • Afflicted – mid-game enemy that steals health from your rival’s creatures.
  • Giant Rat – a cheap enemy that destroys your rival’s weapon.
  • Jogre Shaman – one of the strongest cards you can have in your deck, as it can single-handedly deal a lot of damage to the opponent.

Honorable mentions: Gorajo Hoardstalker, Customs Officer, Goblin Trickster.

Rare cards:

  • Crypt – a location card that can quickly restore some of your health points.
  • Haemalchemist – makes your rival’s creatures almost unbeatable by boosting their health.
  • Burntmeat – a cheap spell that draws you 4 cards.
  • Melzar the Mad – an early enemy that can deal up to 4 damage to your opponent.

Honorable mentions: Shug, Tenebra, TzTok-Jad.

Very rare cards:

  • Ranis Drakan – late game finisher that can also serve as your win condition in the case you have more health than your rival.
  • Vampyre Power – late game spell that increases you life total by 10 health points.
  • Death – another powerful late game spell that removes half of your opponent’s health.
  • Redbeard Frank – a strong enemy that strips your rival of all gold and draws you 2 cards.

Honorable mentions: Partyhat, Morwenna.

Cards you should never draft:

Dragon Warhammer, Exiled Kalphite Paragon, Chaos Druid, Crystal Flask, Keris, King Black Dragon, Mithril Dragon, Unstable Concotion, K’ril Tsutsaroth, Papa Mambo, Zemouregal.

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