Here's everything you need to know about the Elements system in Chrono Cross Remaster, including the best elements of each level.

Chrono Cross Remaster: Elements Guide

Here's everything you need to know about the Elements system in Chrono Cross Remaster, including the best elements of each level.
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The element system in Chrono Cross Remaster: The Radical Dreamers Edition is different from what you may be used to, just as it was when it first came out. Our guide will provide you with all the info about the elements in Chrono Cross Remaster.

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You will learn everything about the types and levels of elements, their affinities and weaknesses, allocating elements, using them in combat, and which elements are considered the best throughout all grid levels.

Types of Elements in Chrono Cross Remaster

There are six elements in Chrono Cross Remaster, including:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Red
  • White
  • Yellow

These six elements perform various tasks depending on their abilities, which include:

  • Attacking
  • Healing
  • Supplemental
  • Traps
  • Summons

On top of that, all elemental abilities are placed within a special grid, which is available in the combat menu, where all abilities are distributed across eight levels. The weakest abilities are at level one and consume the least amount of stamina, while the strongest abilities are at level 8 and consume the most of your stamina.

How to Use Elements in Chrono Cross Remaster

Learn the Opposites

The first and foremost thing that players must learn is the elemental affinities and weaknesses. Enemies also have their own elements, so in order to deal the most damage to them, it is important to use an opposite element to their own.

Here is the list of the opposite elements in Chrono Cross Remaster:

  • Black and White
  • Blue and Red
  • Green and Yellow

For example, if your enemy has a predominant Green Element, then you need to use the Yellow Element of the highest level available to you at the moment to be able to deal the most damage to them.

You can determine the color of the enemy by looking at the Field Effect indicator, appearing during the combat phase in the top left corner of the screen.

Allocate Your Elements

Before going into battle, it is advisable to allocate your abilities in the Elements grid, which is available via the Elements menu.

Note that you can assign elemental abilities on different levels of the grid, meaning that you can put level one abilities on level five grid or any other level. Actually, this is recommended. In this case, the ability will deal more damage, but consume the same amount of stamina.

On the contrary, if you place a level five ability on level one grid, then damage will be reduced. So avoid placing these high level abilities on low level grid.

If you’re not sure how to allocate your abilities within the grid, then use the “Auto Allocate” feature available at the top of the Elements menu. This will save you a lot of time, and you never have to worry about this ever again.

Use Elements in Combat

Once all your elemental abilities have been allocated, and you’ve entered the combat phase, you will notice that there is an option to deal elemental damage on the bottom of the Attack menu.

Once you select the Element option, follow these steps:

  1. Select the grid level.
  2. Select the elemental ability with the color opposite to the enemy’s color.
  3. Select the actual enemy on the battlefield.
  4. Confirm attack.

Repeat this process until all enemies are defeated.

Best Elements List in in Chrono Cross Remaster

Best Level 1 Elements

  • White: Revive
  • Blue: Cure

Best Level 2 Elements

  • Red: Magma Bomb
  • Green: Heal

Best Level 3 Elements

  • White: Recover All
  • Black: Gravitonne

Best Level 4 Elements

  • White: Meteor Shower, Purify, Strong Minded
  • Black: Genius
  • Red: Strengthen
  • Green: Heal All, Eagle Eye
  • Yellow: HiRes

Best Level 5 Elements

  • White: Full Revival
  • Blue: Deluge, Cure All
  • Red: Inferno
  • Green: Carnivore
  • Yellow: Earthquake

Best Level 6 Elements

  • White: Magnify, Mag Negate
  • Black: Seal All, Diminish
  • Blue: Iceberg, Vigora
  • Red: Volcano, Recharge
  • Green: Tornado, Heal Plus
  • Yellow: Thunda Storm, Phys Negate

Best Level 7 Elements

  • White: Unicorn
  • Green: Sonja
  • Yellow: Golem

Best Level 8 Elements

  • White: Saints
  • Red: Salamander
  • Green: Genie

That’s all you need to know about the elements in Chrono Cross Remaster. If you found this article useful, then be sure to give it a share, using social media links below.

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