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Cities Skylines 2: How to Get More High Density Demand

House more citizens by increasing High Density Demand in Cities Skylines 2!

Whether you’re building houses or businesses, each zone type has unique factors that increase demand. It seems like Cims will almost always want more buildings, but you may be wondering how to get more high density demand in Cities: Skylines 2.

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How to Get More High Density Demand in Cities Skylines 2

The first thing to know is that not every zone type has a high density demand option. Only Residential, Commercial, and Office zones can pack Cims into a tiny space. Industrial buildings need more room.

Of the three zones with high density options, only Residential zones have a separate line of demand for density types: low, medium, and high. This is because Residential demands mean different housing styles, such as single-family homes and apartment complexes.

Meanwhile, high density Commercial and Office demand simply decreases faster when you use the high density options. Otherwise, you need more space for those zones to lower the demand.

How to Increase High Density Residential Demand

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There’s a set of factors that you can use to increase high density Residential demand. You can find them in the City Information tab (press “C” on keyboard), but I’ll also list them below.

  • Fewer unoccupied buildings.
  • Increase availability of jobs.
  • Increase Happiness.
  • Increase the number of students in the city.

The Importance of Education

The first three criteria increase all types of Residential demand. However, a higher number of students only increases the demand for medium density and high density Residential zones. If you want to increase those types specifically, I suggest investing in your city’s education by building colleges and universities as soon as possible.

Be careful, though. Building too much high density residential can lead to condemned buildings quickly since so many families can fit into an apartment building. I typically build a 3×2 or a 2×2 block of high density residential, then let it fill up with families (or let the demand increase) before building more.

Where to Place High Density Residential Zones

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As with other zones, Info Views will help you figure out where the best locations for high density housing are in your city. Green roads mean a zone type is highly suitable for an area, while red means it’s not a good idea to use that area for a particular zone type.

In my experience, high density residential is best placed in downtown areas in close proximity to commercial shops and office businesses. This allows Cims to get to work and leisure areas more easily. It also helps businesses avoid the dreaded not enough customers warning.

And that’s how to get more high density demand in Cities Skylines 2. Depending on your settings, it might take a bit to get high density, as you’ll need to unlock more education perks with milestones. From here, check out our CS2 guide hub for more content, like how to reduce every kind of pollution or how to dezone all zone types.

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