Are Clash Royale's 4 new cards (with one amazing legendary) worth adding to your decks? You bet!

Clash Royale’s 4 New Cards and Where to Get Them

Are Clash Royale's 4 new cards (with one amazing legendary) worth adding to your decks? You bet!
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Clash Royale‘s updates are always rewarding to the players, and this most recent one is no different! We got some quality-of-life changes — like being able to add friends to our clans, more deck slots post-level 8, and of course new cards. Sweet, sweet new cards.

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The stars of the new update are the 4 new cards added to the game’s roster, each one with its own place in your collection (and decks). So what are the four new cards? Let’s go over them from least to most rare.

Skeleton Barrel (Common)

Despite its rarity, the Skeleton Barrel is a pretty handy unit that does a great job of destroying buildings (and only buildings). It’s similar to the Battle Ram, but the Battle Ram is melee while this one is a flying unit.

This is a 3 Elixir cost unit that drops 8 skeletons once it collides with a building or is destroyed. It may not be the most flashy (or rare) of Clash Royale‘s four new cards, but it definitely has its uses.

You can unlock this card in the Builder’s Workshop (Arena 6).

Flying Machine (Rare)

Another flying unit card? You bet! The Flying Machine is a far cry from the Skeleton Barrel in that it focuses on air and ground units rather than just buildings. Though of course it attacks buildings as well.

This flying unit doesn’t do a ton of damage, but it’s fast and has an exceedingly far range. Currently it can attack from up to 6 tiles away, making it the longest-range unit in the game. This 4 Elixir cost card is real sniper with low HP, reasonable damage (same as the Spear Goblin), and long range.

You can unlock this card in the Jungle Arena (Arena 9).

Cannon Cart (Epic)

Unlike the previous two cards, the one is land-based — but that doesn’t mean it’s not just as deadly.

The Cannon Cart is unique, in that it acts as a normal moving unit as long as its shield is up. But once it’s been destroyed, the cannon is dropped on the ground and immobile. In either case, its range is more than enough and makes the Cannon Cart a formidable ally against ground units.

This baby does some decent damage and can take more than a few hits before the shield drops, making it a worthy 5 Elixir cost unit.

You can find the Cannon Cart in Hog Mountain (Arena 10).

Mega Knight (Legendary)

This is the card everyone has been waiting for, though the other new ones in the latest update are nothing to scoff at. The Mega Knight is simply on a different level, as legendaries should be.

Mega Knight is a pretty mobile tank unit that just also just happens to do maybe a little too much damage. Not only does he do area damage when he attacks, he does high damage when he is deployed and does high damage when he jumps to his targets.

This unit can jump to enemies 4 or 5 tiles away and the jump does impact damage, which can be lethal for some weaker enemies.  Even if it’s not, his area of effect attacks will clean them up.

The one downside (or upside, if you’re against one) is that this 7 Elixir cost monstrosity only attacks ground units. You can try to plink him to death with flying units and he won’t be able to do a thing.. but that doesn’t mean your opponent can’t play some flying or flying-targeting units of their own to deal with your own counter.

You hopefully will be able to unlock this card via Hog Mountain (Arena 10) or get lucky with a Legendary Chest.

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