Clicker Heroes 2 Stat Guide: What Do They Do? What’s Best?

Which are the best stats for you to pile on in Clicker Heroes 2? You're about to find out.

Which are the best stats for you to pile on in Clicker Heroes 2? You're about to find out.

Clicker Heroes 2 may not be all that different from its free predecessor, but it brings enough new to the table that veterans of the first game can find themselves scratching their heads over the new equipment system and skill tree, as well as the different stats.

Knowing what each stat does ties directly into the game’s equipment system. You want to prioritize certain stats over others depending on the sort of build you’re going for in the world you’re currently pushing through.

If you’re going through a world for EXP rather than general progression, you may put less priority on Gold and more on Critical Chance and Critical Damage. If you’re going through the hardest world you have available, you will be more inclined to get those Gold-earning stat ups. Of course, it’s really up to you what you prioritize.

Without further ado, let’s get to it. We’re going to take a look at each of the primary stats with advice on which ones are most worth investing into, as well as what they actually do.

Auto-attack Damage

This is one of your most important stats, and it’s the one you end up thinking about most. Each equipment upgrade increases your Auto-attack Damage stat by the amount shown next to the sword symbol. It’s the only stat you can see on the primary character page.

This affects your character’s attack as well as your Click Damage, as Click Damage is multiplied by your Auto-attack Damage.

Click Damage

This is initially based off your Auto-attack damage and then further augmented by equipment stats. Even if you intend to mostly play passively, Click Damage is still a valuable stat as your skills “click” rather than play off your Auto-attack damage.

This is a high priority stat. You should be taking it more than most of the others, outside of Haste and Critical Chance.

Attack Delay

You can’t increase this stat directly, but you can reduce it some via Haste. See the Haste section for more information on that stat.

Energy from Auto Attacks

This stat cannot be affected in any way in the current beta build of Clicker Heroes 2. The base Energy you receive is 1, and at the time of writing there is no way to increase it. This is what makes Haste so valuable.

Global Cooldown Time

Yet another valuable stat you cannot directly increase! This one is another one that gets a boost by your Haste stat, and can be further decreased via certain skills in the tree.

Automator Speed

The Automator is a handy tool that allows you to essentially set up chains of skills based off elapsed time and other criteria. Its general speed can also be increased via the Automator Speed stat.

There are two ways to increase this stat, one via Haste and the other via key points in the skill tree.

Automator Speed is kind of iffy until you can get to the ‘Automate Energize’ and ‘Mana Less Than 10%’ Automator Stones from the skill tree.

Critical Chance

Finally another stat you can directly increase via equipment.

Critical Chance is one of the best stats you can augment into your equipment. Who doesn’t want to critically hit all the time? 2% may not seem like much, but it really adds up.

This is a high priority stat.

Critical Damage Multiplier

You can directly increase this one, too; but don’t invest too heavily if you’re relatively new to the game and are in one of the first few worlds. Critical Chance is just better, making this a medium priority stat.

There are several skills in the tree that increase your Critical Damage Multiplier, but the same can’t be said for Critical Chance. Rarely, you can be able to get some permanent Critical Chance increases from Artifact Shards you can purchase from the Ruby Shop.

My advice to you is to set a personal Critical Chance baseline to hit, before you start purposefully stacking Critical Damage. I like to hit 20~25% before I really start going into Critical Damage on purpose.


The most important stat in the game! Haste increases the speed of your auto-attacks, how quickly the Automator runs, and the overall global cooldown. Once you invest in the skill tree to reduce the global cooldown to lower than a second with Haste, you’re in for a good time.

There is absolutely no stat you want to prioritize over this one, making Haste your number one priority stat. Always get Haste when it’s available.

Maximum Energy

This is self-explanatory. Increasing your Maximum Energy has its benefits but this is often a throwaway stat for when you don’t see anything worthwhile available (like Boss Gold).

It is certainly true you’ll get more skill uses in a single period if you have more Energy, but if your Haste is high enough and you’ve got the Automator set to use Energize when you’re low on Mana, your Energy pool should not be that much of a factor. This is a low priority stat.

Maximum Mana

This stat is definitely more valuable than your Maximum Energy, due to the 25 Mana cost of Energize, 50 Mana cost of Powersurge, and so on.

Maximum Mana is on the low side of medium priority in terms of stats. You need Mana to use skills, and you want your Automator skills to be useful.

Mana Regeneration

Is this more useful than Maximum Mana? I tend to think it is, especially if you get lucky and have several opportunities to increase your Mana Regeneration. It just keeps you ticking.

This is a medium priority stat. It just keeps you skill-ready for longer.

Gold Piles

I can only recommend investing in this stat if you know you’re going to be playing through the world you’re on actively — so if you’re going through lower worlds to level up quickly. All this stat does is increase how many piles of gold you find on the ground, and how much gold you find from them.

Generally Gold Piles is a low priority stat because the piles are hard to see and you’re not going to be staring at the screen looking for them all that often.

Boss Gold

This one seems like a good investment until you realize you don’t actually come across all that many bosses.

You will always inevitably get some boosts to Boss Gold just by having to choose it when all the other equipment options are less than ideal. There’s no reason to actively invest in this stat, making it a low priority.

Clickable Gold

This stat increases the amount of money and Rubies you get out of goldfish clickables that can be found on the field from time to time. They give great rewards as it is.

I have the same qualms with this stat as I do with the Gold Piles stat, but more extreme. Increasing your Clickable Gold is essentially useless, as you’ll be seeing clickables even less frequently than gold piles.

This is a low priority stat, unless you’re super hungry for Rubies.

Gold Received

This increases your overall gold gains, with no strings attached. It’s a medium priority stat and a worthwhile choice when you can’t increase your Haste, Click Damage, or Critical Chance.

Treasure Chest Chance

Treasure Chests always give a ton of gold and it is in your best interest to increase the rate at which you find them.

This is a medium priority stat.

Treasure Chest Gold

This one is a bit lower priority than the Treasure Chest Chance because — well, it’s better to get a bunch of them rather than one really valuable one.

Only invest in this stat after you already have some Treasure Chest Chance under your belt to make it worthwhile, making this a low priority stat.

Ancient Shards

This isn’t actually a stat, but it is worth mentioning since it’s sitting in your stat panel.

Ancient Shards are the permanent boosts you can purchase from the Ruby Shop. Note the word permanent. Boosts that only apply to the world you’re currently in so not count as Ancient Shards.

There’s not much more to say about the stats in Clicker Heroes 2, but there’s a lot to stay about the game’s other facets. Look out for more Clicker Heroes 2 guides here on GameSkinny!

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