CoD MW3: Where to Find Ammo Mod Circuit Boards

Find out where to get Ammo Mod Circuit Boards in MWZ here.

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 has plenty of challenges and story missions to keep you busy. The Automated Backup mission will require you to find Ammo Mod Circuit Boards, but of course, the details are left a mystery. Find out where to find Ammo Mod Circuit Boards for MWZ here.

Where to Find Ammo Mod Circuit Boards in MWZ

Since the Automated Backup task is as confusing as can be, we went ahead and found out where to find Ammo Mod Circuit Boards for the Deadbolt Turrets. I was endlessly wandering Uzbekistan for the item and ended up finding all of the possible locations for the Circuit Boards. While they’re a rare item drop, here’s where you can find them.

  • Infested Strongholds.
  • Mercenary Strongholds.
  • Loot Cache rewards.
  • Ground loot throughout Uzbekistan.

Completing Infested Strongholds for Circuit Boards

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Infested Strongholds are an ideal option from this list. However, I highly recommend you come prepared. You’ll need a Gas Mask to survive the toxic gas permeating throughout the building, and you’ll want to have a squad with you to ensure success.

To successfully clear an Infested Stronghold, you’ll need to destroy all Glowing Yellow Cysts inside of the building. I usually find them in corners on the ceiling or floor. Also, don’t be surprised if you come across an Elite or Special enemy here, so be on the lookout.

Completing Mercenary Strongholds for Circuit Boards

Mercenary Strongholds are the next best option after Infested Strongholds. However, you’ll need to complete a Mercenary Camp to receive a Stronghold Keycard. So, it requires a little bit more work than the Infested locations. You’ll find that the Mercenary Strongholds are much like the Camps but flooded with even more Mercs.

The number of enemies will depend on what tier zone you’re in. Basically, the more challenging the zone, the more enemies you’ll face. So, I recommend you Pack-A-Punch your weapon and stock up on shields before daring to conquer one.

What really makes these worthwhile is the safe that contains a Fortress Keycard. You can use the Keycard to unlock Fortresses throughout Uzbekistan. For your convenience, I marked a map with all potential Mercenary Stronghold locations below. Notably, some are randomly transformed into Infested Strongholds in each match.

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How to Use Ammo Mod Circuit Boards in CoD: MW3

In addition to being an Automated Backup objective, Ammo Mod Circuit Boards can boost your odds when you install them into a Deadbolt Turret. Once activated with a Circuit Board, the Turret will fire upon nearby enemies for up to two minutes. Talk about a home-field advantage! In general, I recommend you keep your eyes peeled for the Circuit Boards because they can be an excellent way to farm XP in Uzbekistan.

That’s where to find Ammo Mod Circuit Boards in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Zombies. Check out our MW3 guides hub for tips like the best AR in the game and how to keep Zombies from crashing.

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