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Core Keeper: How to Move and Feed Cattle

Here is how to move and feed cattle in Core Keeper along with some fun shortcuts.

Core Keeper is on its way to becoming the new Terraria, providing tons of options in the survival genre and a charming 2D style. The game can be pretty overwhelming at first, and the most obvious tasks can be tough to get a handle on. One of those things is taking care of cattle in the recent update, so here is how to move and feed cattle in Core Keeper.

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How to Move and Feed Cattle in Core Keeper

How to Feed Cattle

Feeding cattle is easy enough, as these cows are always hungry, and depending on which ones you have, they will have different tastes. The Moulin, for example, will eat crops of all different types. In order to feed cattle, walk up to them with a food plant item in your hand, and they will eat it right away. Once they are full and happy, they will leave you a little gift in the form of Meadow Milk that gives you an armor boost for 1 minute.

How to Move Cattle

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Cattle are actually quite useful in Core Keeper, and it is in your best interest to keep them fed and to kill and take their resources when needed as well. In order to get cattle to your base, you have to lure them. This can be done in a couple of ways.

The first requires you to put a food plant item in your hand and walk near the cattle. They will catch on and slowly begin to follow you. You need to move at a somewhat slow pace in order to make this work. They will leave very fast if you go too fast, so be patient here.

If that method is too dull for you, Core Keeper has you covered, as there is an alternative. Building a conveyor belt in your base can be beneficial for many reasons, and gathering cattle is definitely one of them. Build the belt from the meadows to your base and slowly get the cow to follow you onto the conveyor belt while still holding the food, and both you and the cattle will speedily be taken to your base. Hop off when you get there, and the cattle will follow. Repeat and reap the rewards.

That’s everything there is to know about how to move and feed cattle in Core Keeper. For more information on the game, check out our Core Keeper guides section.

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