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Counter Strike 2: How to Fix Crashing on Launch

If you're having trouble with Counter Strike 2 crashing on launch, here are a few ways to fix the issue.

Counter Strike 2 completely replaces Counter Strike: GO in your Steam Library and is free to play for everyone. With the massive player base from the first game, it’s understandable the rush to play it would be a mad dash. Bugs are popping up left and right, and one of the worst sends right back to your desktop. Here’s how to fix Counter Strike 2 crashing on launch.

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How to Fix Counter Strike 2 Crashing on Launch

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Several reasons could cause Counter Strike 2 to crash on launch, so we’re going to give you a few different things to try and keep this from happening. Many of these are typical troubleshooting suggestions, and none of them are guaranteed to work for everyone. However, they’re all worth a try if you keep running into the problem.

Update Your Drivers

It’s typical that new drivers become available with any launch, not just for a game that’s jumped almost two decades in technology in a split second. If your drivers are behind the times to play it, you might need to update them to make sure your PC can actually run it.

It’s also possible that your GeForce or Adrenaline software can’t or won’t install new drivers properly. You can to the Nvidia site or the AMD site to get the latest ones directly.

Disable AMD FSR

If you’re running the game using AMD’s FSR setting, try turning it off. It could be conflicting with your system and causing things to get a little hot in your PC, causing a crash.

Disable Overclocking

Some players might realize their computer is a bit old to play CS2 and decide to try overclocking to play it on an older system. This can cause games to crash immediately, and that’s especially the case with newer games. It’s often because you’re overclocking a bit too much, but you’re better off just turning it off completely rather than tweaking things.

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Disable Full Screen Mode

For some reason, many games now run better when in window-bordered mode, as opposed to full screen. The effect looks relatively the same, and games run far better. With Counter Strike 2 crashing on launch, go to your settings and disable fullscreen mode.

Close Background Applications

Even if you meet the system requirements for CS2, background applications could be hogging precious RAM and CPU power. Be sure to open Task Manager and see what other programs are running — and frag em’.

That’s how to fix Counter Strike 2 crashing on launch. Hopefully. Again, there’s no guarantee any of these potential solutions will work. For more on CS2, head over to our guides hub.

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