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Counter Strike 2: How to Get New Beginning Hidden Achievement in CS2

Counter Strike 2 has one hidden achievement. Here's how to get it.

The surprise drop of Counter Strike 2 may have wiped CS:GO from your library, but it also brought over many features and cosmetics from its predecessor. Weapon finishes, stickers, game modes, and even bans have carried over from the previous game. However, you’ll notice that all Steam achievements from CS:GO are CS:Gone! There’s just one new achievement taking their place, but it’s not exactly clear how to unlock it. Here’s how to get the New Beginning hidden achievement in CS2.

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How to Get New Beginning Hidden Achievement in CS2

For dedicated achievement hunters, you’ll have an easy time getting CS2 to 100%, as there’s just one on the list. CS2’s sole achievement, A New Beginning, is unlocked when you play and complete any match in the game. Once you get it, the description for the achievement is short and sweet, simply reading: “This is Counter-Strike, too.”

In my experience, it popped up right when I completed the tutorial match designed for newcomers to the game. It’s up there with one of the easiest achievements I’ve ever received!

How to Start Any Match in CS2

Any match of CS2 will count towards the achievement. Some players have even reported that a single round will do, but when it comes down to it, all you need to do is play the game. If you’re wondering how to start a match, here’s how:

  • Start Counter Strike 2
  • Select Play
  • Choose Matchmaking or Practice
  • Choose a Game Mode
  • Press Go

It’s safe to assume that a competitive multiplayer match isn’t required for this achievement, but if you’d like to add a little extra challenge to get it, that’s definitely an option.

Keep in mind that a hallmark of Steam achievements is they can be very finicky, and they might not pop even when you think they should. If you don’t unlock A New Beginning right away, restarting the game can trigger it.

Will More Achievements Be Added to CS2?

Valve has not officially confirmed whether more achievements are on the way for CS2. However, if there’s anything we’ve learned from Counter Strike 2’s launch, it’s that surprises are always on the table.

That covers how to get the New Beginning hidden achievement in Counter Strike 2. For more content, check out our dedicated guides hub for the game.

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