Crash Club: Drive and Smash City – Tips & Strategies for New Players

Learn how to crash and destroy cities in this new mobile game from PrettyGreat Pty Ltd.

Learn how to crash and destroy cities in this new mobile game from PrettyGreat Pty Ltd.
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Crash Club: Drive and Smash City is a new game from PrettyGreat Pty. Ltd. Your goal is to smash and destroy everything and everyone in your way — or not. It’s all up to you in this game.

Play against actual humans and destroy their cars, destroy the city, and beat your competition to tokens and extra perks. By destroying the city you’ll find tokens, upgrades, and weapons to destroy the competition.

Take a look at our strategy guide to increasing the damage you unleash on the city, and you’ll be on your way to victory. 

How to Dominate in Crash Club: Drive and Smash City

Stay Out of the Action at First

When you first enter the arena, you’ll need to build yourself up before you’ll have much impact on other players. You could be entering the match with someone who’s bought several upgrades and already outclasses you. So spend the first couple of minutes gaining weapons, tokens, and planning out your strategy while you let the big guys destroy themselves a little bit. 

It’s a lot like the Hunger Games — watch everyone else duke it out right from the get-go, then get in on the action once their numbers have thinned out a little.

Buy Weapons and Permanent Upgrades

Once you have some tokens, head on over to the Stop-N-Go and get yourself some weapons. Get some permanent upgrades as well that stay with you until your current round is done. If you stay alive, those permanent upgrades will come in handy and are worth the tokens.

Find Green Gems With Gem Radar

All over the city, there are five gems hidden away that you’ll have to search for. They are hidden in objects throughout the map. Destroy these objects and you’ll get the gems.

But if you are searching and searching without finding a single gem, make sure you’re keeping an eye on the gem radar! As you get closer to finding the gem, the light will start flashing. This lets you know that you are close. Keep looking in that area and you’ll have your gems.

Hide Out at the Stop-N-Go

Someone is chasing you, you have no weapons, and your life is on the line. What do you do? As long as you have one token, you can stop at a Stop-N-Go — and it might just save your life. You can hide away at the Stop-N-Go any time you find yourself in a sticky situation.

The city never changes, so after a few rounds you’ll be able to easily remember the locations of each store just in case you’re in a bind. 

Buy Cars with Gems

Those green gems you’ve been collecting? Take those and buy new cars! Once you unlock more tiers of cars, you’ll have an even better chance of getting a legendary car which has three perks built in. By improving your ride consistently, it’ll be easier to beat out any competition that focuses only on destroying things and not the upgrades. 

That’s it for this guide! Now get out there and smash things — and if you’ve found any helpful secrets for success in Crash Club: Drive and Smash City, tell us about them in the comments below!

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