Here's the breakdown of the best weapons and gear you can find while you're cooking your way to the top in Cuisine Royale!

Cuisine Royale Weapon and Kitchenware Guide

Here's the breakdown of the best weapons and gear you can find while you're cooking your way to the top in Cuisine Royale!
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If you haven’t heard, battle royale games are a huge deal. They’re such a big deal, the developers, Darkflow Software, behind Enlisted, an MMO squad-based shooter, created an April’s Fools joke for their community and released a battle royale mode called Cuisine Royale. The joke was such a success the developers decided to release Cuisine Royale as a standalone game and made it free for a limited time for anyone to try on Steam.

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Because this is a battle royale game, you need to know which of the weapons and equipment you come across are the best so you can succeed in every match! 

You can carry up to four different kinds of weapons: two primary, one secondary, and one melee weapon.

Primary Weapons

Browning M1918

This weapon is a monster. It’s an automatic rifle designed to mow down your enemies a medium or short range away. The rifle’s magazine only contains 20 rounds at a time, but it makes short work of any foolish enough to try and close the distance.

M1903 Springfield

You may recognize the Springfield from the earlier Call of Duty games. Because Cuisine Royale is set somewhere during World War 2, it’s difficult to imagine this game not having it. The Springfield is an excellent medium to long range sniper rifle, however, you will need to locate a scope for it. If you don’t find a scope during your match, you can still use the weapon’s standard iron sights. You’ll want to make sure every shot counts because the weapon can only hold 5 rounds per magazine.

Browning Auto 5

When you find yourself hiding in the brush and waiting to ambush your enemy, there’s no better way to surprise than hitting them with an automatic shotgun. You can fire off the five rounds from this weapon pretty quickly and make short work of your foes. Though, you’ll leave yourself unprepared should someone find you while you’re reloading. Definitely good a weapon if you already have a decent submachine gun or a sniper rifle in your other primary weapon slot.

PPD 40

Because you’re not the best shot, you want to use as many bullets as possible to eliminate the competition. Look no further than the PPD 40. With this submachine gun with a drum of bullets capable of holding more than 70 rounds in a single magazine. This makes it ideal for holding down the fire button and waiting until all of your bullets are gone to see if your enemy is still standing. If you watch your ammo and see how many shots you fire, you can probably walk away from most encounters only ever firing 30 shots.

MG 42

This mobile machine gun turns you into a walking guard post. Though not the most accurate weapon in Cuisine Royale, you can certainly ensure your foes feel every bullet with this weapon. You can load up a magazine with up to 50 bullets, but make sure you find a good position to kneel down and fire. You’ll find the recoil of this weapon a little difficult to keep up with, at first. You get used to it after a little practice.

Secondary Weapons

PO8 Luger

When my main weapons were low on ammo, I was always thankful I picked up the Luger during my travels. I found this the most useful sidearm. You can fire off the weapon’s magazine of eight bullets as quickly as you can click your mouse button and the recoil of the weapon was barely noticeable. I’ve taken out a few players whom I got the drop on with this gun. They were always surprised to find me.

M1911 Colt

I found this weapon the most often during my time in Cuisine Royale. This pistol holds eight rounds and serves as a reliable sidearm when you’re in a pinch. However, I found the recoil a little obnoxious. Whenever I’d fire the weapon’s sights would waiver around for a few seconds, forcing me to wait for the shot to realign. Definitely not a weapon I would recommend to wield when you’re seconds away from victory.

Mauser C96

Much like the P08 Luger, the Mauser was an excellent back up option when all hope seems lost. You can dispatch your foes as quickly as you can click on your mouse button, but the recoil wasn’t as forgiving. It felt like a mix between the Luger and the Colt. Certainly a good option to have sitting your back pocket.

Melee Weapons

Whenever you begin at game of Cuisine Royale you start with a small knife. This weapon feel as useless at it is and you’ll want to switch to a gun as quickly as possible. You can find two other melee options in this game: an axe and a pan.

The axe feels like an advanced version of the knife. I’ve gotten one kill with it and it only took two strikes with the weapon. While this may feel overpowered, my opponent at the time did not have a gun and only had the starting knife. I was able to quickly overtake them. If they had any other gun in the game, I believe the outcome would have been far different.

The only other melee weapon you can get, the pan, was something I only found once. I found in rare loot refrigerator, which act as special loot boxes players can find throughout the map. I have never seen it again, and unfortunately I was never able to hit anyone with it to see how powerful it was. The weapon did make really cool lightsaber sounds when I swung it, so that counts for something?

Body Armor


You’ll find your character can wear more than the traditional armor you’re accustomed to seeing. Each character have armor slots for their head, shoulders, chest, back, buttocks, and their thighs. Not only are the armor slots unique, but the armor itself makes your character look like they’re about to open up their own restaurant. If you’re lucky enough to find every armor piece, you look like you ran through an Ikea and crashed into the kitchen department and decided it was a good look.

The most common armor pieces to find are the ‘mk 1’ version. Only the shoulder and thigh armor pieces come in ‘mk 1’, whereas the chest, back, buttocks, and head armor pieces go up to ‘mk 3’.

None of the armor pieces add to your overall weight capacity. So make sure to grab as many pieces as you can!

Special Gear

Unlike other battle royale games, Cuisine Royale allows each character to carry up to two special items. These items provide your character with unique passives they can use to improve their overall gameplay. Each of the items provide a benefit dissimilar to the other, making them all useful, given a particular situation.

Bunny Slippers of Bounce

Increases the character’s jump height by 3 times. Great for jumping over walls or surprising enemies hiding behind a rock. There’s fall damage in this game, and these items do not negate that. You might lose a little bit of health when you bounce too high! And this item comes with a great sound effect.

Tough Cuban Cigar

Wielding this increases your overall health points by 10, and it looks great too. Though when you zoom in to look down a weapon’s sights, the cigar blocks part of the left side of the screen. If you’re relying on your iron sights, this can prove problematic.

IV Bag of Regeneration

Holding onto this allows you to regain 0.7 health points per second. Great if don’t want to always rely on your health items to bring you back to full health. Plus, if you’re being chased by an enemy you can elude them long enough to get some more health and fight back.

Nimbus From Dark Pact

This angel halo hooks up to your character’s back and allows you to take 70 percent less damage from the zone while you’re in it. When you hold on to this until the late game, you can use the smaller zone to flank your final enemy and surprise them from shooting outside the zone.

Oxygen Tank of Hold Breath

You can hold your breath for 30 percent more and your stamina meter goes down by 40 percent less than it traditional does. Always a good item to have when you need to catch up to the zone or want to outrun your enemies.

Knee Pad of Speed

These helpful knee pads increase your sprint meter by 40 percent, your overall speed by 10 percent, but you lose 80 percent of stamina bar. An excellent item when you want to zoom around the map and overtake your enemies by force, but it’s only in short bursts. Definitely pair it with the Oxygen Tank of Hold Breath.

Eagle Eye Glasses

Now if you’re having trouble catching your enemies, this item can help you out by increasing your reload speed by 40 percent, reducing your shot deviation by 40 percent, and reducing your weapon’s recoil by 50. It’s a great item if you have stronger weapons that waiver your reticle after the first shot.


And there you have it! This guide should help you take victory in Cuisine Royale! Make sure you reload every new gun you equip, as you can’t equip any with a full clip.

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