Cut the Rope 2 (Android) Walkthrough – Fruit Gathering Levels 5 to 10

Step by step (with pictures) instructions on completing levels' 5 ~ 10's fruit gathering objectives.

Cut the Rope 2 has finally made it to Android, and it’s free to play!

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The levels requiring you to gather a certain number of fruits have proven to be difficult for me, and I can only assume that is the case for others as well.

The solutions found here are listed because I have been able to (mostly) reliably recreate them, though some seem nearly impossible to complete without the use of power-up items. The only level in this walkthrough page that requires the use of a power-up is 9-2.

I will be adding more of these over the coming days, with 5 per list. This first page contains 6 because of the simplicity of the first fruit gathering level.

If you’re looking for something a look more ahead, I have also put together a fruit gathering walkthrough for levels 11 to 15 and levels 16 through 20.

How to beat level 5-2 (Collect 20 fruits or more)

This level can be beaten reliably.

Simply wait for the balloon to stop and pop it to complete the level.


How to beat 6-2 (Collect 23 or more fruits)

This level can be completed reliably using this method.

1) Cut the rope holding down the candy
2) Pop the left balloon once the candy is stuck in the position seen here

3) Wait for the candy to swing up above the top platform

4) Pop the balloon as seen in the picture

5) Once the balloon and candy have swung down and settled, pop to win the level



How to beat level 7-2 (Collect 30 or more fruits)

If you do this level at a medium pace, it is possible to reliably complete it.

Going too slow risks pushing balloons down too far, and going too fast makes the plank fall straight down.

1) Wait for the candy to slowly roll all the way to the left
2) Once it has reached the leftmost wall, pop the balloon to the right just below the plank
3) Pop two more balloons on the left
4) Pop two more balloons on the right
5) Pop one balloon to the left
6) Wait for the candy to roll just past halfway across the plank (as seen in the image) and pop the right balloon to win the level


How to beat level 8-2 (Collect 25 or more fruits)

This level can be reliably completed as long as you cut the last rope as the candy is still rolling down the slope.

1) Cut the rope holding the candy down
2) Wait for the candy to reach the spot in the picture, then pop the balloon

3) As the candy rolls down the slope, cut the rope at approximately the spot in the image

Doing so too slowly may cost you a fruit, making you do the level again.


How to beat level 9-2 (Collect 31 or more fruits)

This is the first fruit gathering level I could not complete without the use of a power-up. The balloon power-up specifically is used here. Luckily, completion is fairly reliable.

1) Cut the rope indicated so the candy swings to the left
2) Once the candy has collected the fruit on the left side (this happens in one swing), cut the rope indicated to knock down the log and send the platform covering Om Nom flying
3) Once the platform is in the air like so, use the balloon power-up to have the candy collect the fruit above
4) Once you’ve gathered enough, pop the balloon to drop the candy into Om Nom’s mouth and complete the level


How to beat level 10-2 (Collect 39 or more fruits)

This level can be completed relatively reliably, but timing on dropping Om Nom to the candy is important.

1) Wait for Om Nom to fall into Roto’s grasp
2) Allow Roto to carry to all the way to the right, then all the way to the left

3) You want Roto to drop you at approximately the purple circle seen in the image.

The goal of this is to grab the grape indicated and to roll a bit after you grab the candy.

This is a tough shot, because you can easily drop Om Nom too soon or too late.


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