The Complete Dark and Darker Unique Weapons List

Here's a complete list of all unique weapons in Dark and Darker, including their stats and special abilities.

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There are 16 unique weapons in Dark and Darker in seven different categories. All of these unique items can be obtained by defeating the Ghost King or Lich in High Roller mode. The drop chance is extremely low, but all these unique armaments have special abilities that are definitely worth the challenge. Our guide will provide you with the complete list of all unique weapons in Dark and Darker, including their stats and unique effects.

The Complete Unique Weapons List for Dark and Darker

Here’s a quick breakdown of all unique items in the weapons category of Dark and Darker:

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All Unique Swords

Kuma’s Claw

  • Type: One Handed.
  • Weapon: Arming Sword.
  • Class: Fighter, Ranger, Bard.
  • Damage: 31-32.
  • Effect: Deals +15 Dark Magical damage.

Kuma’s Fang

  • Type: One Handed.
  • Weapon: Falchion.
  • Class: Fighter, Bard, Warlock.
  • Damage: 41-43.
  • Effect: Deals +15 Dark Magical damage.


  • Type: Two Handed.
  • Weapon: Longsword.
  • Class: Fighter, Warlock.
  • Damage: 44-46.
  • Effect: Summons a thunderbolt, dealing 20 Magical damage.


  • Type: One Handed.
  • Weapon: Rapier.
  • Class: Ranger, Rogue, Bard.
  • Damage: 26-27.
  • Effect: Deals 10 Magical damage and applies Frostbite for 2 seconds.

All Unique Daggers


  • Type: One Handed.
  • Weapon: Stiletto Dagger.
  • Class: Rogue.
  • Damage: 21-22.
  • Effect: Damage causes a Death Flower to bloom. After 3 blooms, the Death Blossom explodes, dealing 30 Magical damage.

All Unique Maces

Pulverizing Prayer

  • Type: One Handed.
  • Weapon: Morning Star.
  • Class: Cleric.
  • Damage: 42-44 (Armor Penetration).
  • Effect: Reduces target’s physical defense by 25%. Stacks up to 3 times for 10 seconds.

Stinky Stick

  • Type: Two Handed.
  • Weapon: Quarterstaff.
  • Class: Barbarian, Wizard, Cleric, Warlock.
  • Damage: 35-37.
  • Effect: Emits a poisonous cloud with a 15% chance, dealing 6 Magical damage per second. Grants immunity from poisonous clouds.

All Unique Polearms


  • Type: Two Handed.
  • Weapon: Halberd.
  • Class: Fighter, Warlock.
  • Damage: 55-58.
  • Effect: Deals 10 Magical damage and burns for 9 Magical damage for three seconds.

All Unique Axes

Echo of Screams

  • Type: Two Handed.
  • Weapon: Battle Axe.
  • Class: Fighter, Barbarian.
  • Damage: 50-52.
  • Effect: Deals 10 True Magical damage and applies Deafness for three seconds.

Life after Death

  • Type: Two Handed.
  • Weapon: Double Axe.
  • Class: Barbarian.
  • Damage: 58-61.
  • Effect: Once during an adventure, if you get a lethal hit, your HP drops to 1, and you become invincible for two seconds.


  • Type: Two Handed.
  • Weapon: Felling Axe.
  • Class: Barbarian.
  • Damage: 49-51.
  • Effect: Absorb an opponent’s soul, gaining 3 Strength for eight seconds after each successful hit. This effect stacks up to five times.


  • Type: One Handed.
  • Weapon: Horsemans Axe.
  • Class: Fighter, Barbarian.
  • Damage: 28-29.
  • Effect: Enemies are unable to receive any healing for 20 seconds after each successful hit.

All Unique Bows


  • Type: Two Handed.
  • Weapon: Longbow.
  • Class: Ranger.
  • Damage: 46-48.
  • Effect: Pushes the target back.


  • Type: Two Handed.
  • Weapon: Recurve Bow.
  • Class: Ranger.
  • Damage: 34-35.
  • Effect: Inflicts a disease, dealing 12 Magical damage for three seconds.

Elven Bow of Truth

  • Type: Two Handed.
  • Weapon: Survival Bow.
  • Class: Ranger, Bard.
  • Damage: 23-24.
  • Effect: Increases action speed by 10% and your arrows fly in a straight line.

All Unique Shields


  • Type: One Handed.
  • Weapon: Heater Shield.
  • Class: Fighter, Cleric.
  • Armor: 30-31.
  • Effect: Deflects projectiles in a defensive stance. After each reflection, you’re able to reflect for 3 more seconds. Cooldown: 20 seconds.

That’s it for our complete list of all unique weapons in Dark and Darker. Stay tuned for more DnD guides on our dedicated tips page.

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