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Dave the Diver: What to do With the Shovel

Here's what to do with the Shovel in Dave the Diver so that you can become an ocean-dwelling Shovel Knight.

While exploring the depths of Dave the Diver, you might have come across the Shovel. Further, you may be wondering what it’s for. In short, it’s a melee weapon found in supply crates in the Blue Hole at around depths of 130–250 meters. While it has no specific use besides its moveset, it can be highly useful in certain scenarios. Here’s what to do with the Shovel in Dave the Diver.

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What to do With the Shovel in Dave the Diver

The Shovel weapon has a unique animation. It lets Dave dash downward when attacking. No other weapon has this animation. Unfortunately, you can save the Shovel for subsequent trips. That said, you can utilize this moveset to your benefit in a few ways:

  • Swiftly moving down while encumbered.
  • Fighting Spider Crabs.
  • Using its dash as a maneuvering tool in combat.

Furthermore, the shovel has a unique digging animation. This may signify that there will be some sort of treasure hunt update in the future where you’ll need to dig up treasure, but that’s just speculation at this point. At the end of the day, the shovel’s attack animation might also be a neat reference to Shovel Knight that the developers sneaked in.

How to Use the Shovel Versus Spider Crabs

As I mentioned above, the Shovel is highly useful in fighting Spider Crabs. Since they’re an enemy resistant to most early-game catching methods, you may struggle when first encountering them.

However, they’re quite slow and mostly move horizontally, so the Shovel’s attack animation will work wonders here. Simply position yourself above a Spider Crab and attack. Note that defeating them in this manner will only yield a 1-star crab. If you want a 3-star crab, you’ll have to utilize the Steel Net Gun.

That’s what to do with the Shovel in Dave the Diver. Channel your inner Shovel Knight, and feel free to also use this weapon in normal situations. Nothing beats the feeling of defeating a massive shark with the mighty Shovel. Check out more of our Dave the Diver guides right here.

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