Dead Island 2: Where to Find the Goat Pen Master Keys

Mess with the goat, get the keys. Here's how to open the locked doors inside the YouTuber mansion in Dead Island 2.

Mess with the goat, get the keys. Here's how to open the locked doors inside the YouTuber mansion in Dead Island 2.
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In the first half of Dead Island 2, you spend a fair amount of time at the Goat Pen house in Bel-Air. While it’s initially just an obstacle between you and the Halperin Hotel, the Goat Pen has some tantalizing secrets, including a blueprint, a lockbox, and a few different side quests. Here’s how to get the Master Keys in DI2 so you can finally have the run of the place.

Dead Island 2 Master Keys Location

On your first visit to the Goat Pen house, during the early story quest “Call the Cavalry,” you’ll probably notice a couple of locked doors, one of which has a blueprint on the other side.

Three of the local zombies are former Goat Pen team members, and the first one you take out will drop a keycard, but that’ll only let you out of the house’s back gate. It won’t let you into the master bedroom on the second floor or the fancy wine room behind the bar.

There are workarounds for both, but to get the Goat Pen Master Keys, you’ll need to pull off a couple of seemingly unconnected tasks.

Complete the Death of the Party Quest

First, complete the side quest “Death of the Party” in Bel-Air, to help out the aging movie star Curtis Sinclair. He’ll call out to you via his intercom right after you leave Emma’s house.

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After that, Curtis will go to Emma’s house, take a seat in her gaming room, and never move again. 

Continue on with the main quests until you reach Venice Beach and unlock fast travel. You’ll receive a call from Emma via your radio, where she tells you it’s okay for you to come back to her place.

Start the Creature Comforts Quest

At this point, a number of new side quests unlock, including “Creature Comforts,” which is offered by Curtis from his seat in Emma’s house.

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“Creature Comforts” requires you to collect some expensive liquor from the Goat Pen and Colt Swanson’s house, so Curtis can re-gift it to Emma as thanks for putting him up.

If you return to the Goat Pen’s bowling alley while you’re on “Creature Comforts,” you’ll find a new named zombie, Goat Pen Jamie. There’s a collectible journal entry on the bar in the Goat Pen that’ll point you in Jamie’s direction.

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Upon his second, gorier death, Jamie drops the Goat Pen Master Keys. Now you can go into the wine room for Curtis, as well as grab the blueprint for the Weighted weapon perk.

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A Note on the Goat Pen Master Keys, Dead Island 2 Co-Op, and Brock’s Safe Key

Keep in mind that in Dead Island 2 co-op, if one player grabs a key, journal, or blueprint, it automatically gets added to every player’s inventory. If you’re running “Creature Comforts” in co-op and can’t find Goat Pen Jamie, check your inventory to make sure one of your teammates didn’t kill him and get the key for you.

Further, there’s another Goat Pen zombie, Brock, who can appear as a Crusher in the Goat Pen’s poolside gym if you’re there at night. He also drops a key, but it’s for the lockbox in the “Spartan and the Broseidon” podcast studio near the front door. I’m just bringing this up so you don’t get the two confused.

That’s how to get the Goat Pen Master Keys in Dead Island 2. For more tips, tricks, and guides for DI2, check out our dedicated Hell-A guides hub.

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