Defeating the Final Boss of Infamous: Second Son

How to defeat Augustine in Infamous Second Son
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The story of Infamous Second Son all leads up to this: the final battle between Delsin Rowe and Brooke Augustine. 

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This battle consists of two parts, with the first part being very similar to the first fight with Augustine. She will still hover around sending boulders at you, though she now has an extra move in her arsenal. She will now also send concrete buzzsaws along the ground at you. She also still has the ability to trap you to the ground, and still protects herself with her shield.

For this first part, you will have your Video powers. Target her with your Bloodthirsty Blades to remove her shield. Dodge her attacks, and dash away when she tries to trap you to the ground. When her shield his down, knock her down and kick her to charge your Karmic streak. Knock her down three times and hit her with your Karmic attack, ending this part of the battle.

For the second part of the battle, Augustine will transform into a giant concrete monster. However, you gain a new set of powers: Concrete powers. Unfortunately, you will have no abilities at the moment. Augustine will come at you, trying to stomp on you. She will also fire projectiles at you. The best way to avoid the projectiles is to go to one side of the arena, and to run back and forth horizontally. For now, all you have to do is survive.

After a short while, Eugene will begin throwing Core Relays into the arena. Now you will be able to gain new abilities for your new powers. The first ability you gain is the Boulder Dash. This power encases Delsin with concrete, then projects him forward. Augustine will began using a new technique in which she turns herself into a stone snake and charges at you. For now you still cannot damage Augustine, so just survive and wait for the next Core Relay.

The second ability you gain is the Concrete Shrapnel, allowing you to shoot with R2. You can now began damaging Augustine. Began shooting at Augustine, and wait for the third Core Relay.

The third ability that you gain is the Concrete Thrusters, which allows you to hover. Augustine will begin using yet another attack. This time she flattens herself across the arena, and sweeps across at you. Just jump up and hover over the attack. Keep chipping at Augustine until the final Core Relay comes in. 

The final move you will get is the Concrete Barrage. This technique triggers by pressing R1, and will do more damage than the Concrete Shrapnel. Do not worry about running out of energy during the battle; your energy will slowly restore itself. At this point, Augustine’s projectiles will likely be getting faster; just use the previous technique mentioned to dodge them.

Now the battle is a matter of time and patience. Just keep firing away at Augustine, and eventually she will fall. When she is finally defeated, congratulations! You have just defeated Infamous: Second Son! Just sit back, and enjoy the final cut scene.

After the final cut scene, you go back to into the game world. Now is your chance to finish claiming all the districts from the D.U.P. and complete all the side missions you have not completed yet. You can also upgrade your Concrete powers like all of your other powers. So get out there and take back Seattle back from the D.U.P.!

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