Defiance’s Five Most Wanted

The West Coast of 2046 is full of nasty characters, but these are probably the worst of a bad bunch.
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The Worst of the Worst

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What used to be San Francisco in Trion World’s Defiance is a haven for some dangerous lifeforms and even more dangerous intelligent beings; humans and alien Votan alike.

Gangs of Raiders, platoons of Mutants, and swarms of nasty Hellbugs are often just a stone’s throw from wherever you’re standing. But, this lot here represents the most lethal the Bay Area has to offer.

5. Dy’Dekuso

The Raider leader and former partner of Varus Soleptor, he was betrayed over a business deal and ended up trapped in a Gulanite container but he managed to break free. Dy’Dekuso is one of the rarely seen Gulanee, a race of energy beings. He can teleport at will and use energy blasts at his enemies.

Like other Gulanee, he puts himself into a radiation suit to interact with other species.

He and his raider gang have taken up residence in the 101 Keys docks and shipyard. Varus Soleptor wants him OUT.

Players must face him in the Explosions 101 Co-op map. In his sanctum, he frequently teleports to attack and then quickly retreat. Also, as a leader of the Raider he can summon gang members to distract his opposition and he also keeps his lair defended with a set of automated gun turrets.

To take Dy down, focus on the gun batteries first by depriving them of their energy source. Then, be ready for his teleport attacks by watching your radar. When Raiders do appear, stay on the move to take them out before returning to the task at hand.

4. Peter Nadone

He was once an EMC soldier who deserted to become a 99’er and work the mines. But, after moving to Angel Island, Nadone became obsessed with Hellbugs. The island was being used by the Earth Military Coalition to study Hellbugs in order to learn how to control them. But Peter found that he could communicate with them and found solace living among the creatures. He even began calling the Matron Hellbug on Angel Island his mother.

Exploring Angel Island as part of the Co-Op mission: Island of Lost Soldiers, the player will have to confront Peter who has captured Commander Grant’s son. Nadone is insisting that the party remain to be his friends, but once the Hellbugs arrive and fight starts Peter sides with the alien creatures that he has affection for.

Peter himself isn’t as much a threat as all of the Hellbugs he sends at you, including the Matron. Deal with them the way you would deal with the Bugs at an Arkfall. There just happens to be a lot and you don’t have many places to hide.

3. Raider Hulker

I can not say enough BAD things about this guy. He’s basically the Hulk dressed up like Sgt. Fury with a metal army helmet. First thing, he’s HUGE. Like bigger than a Volge huge. Second, he’s just plain mean and relentless. This guy chases, charges and throws bombs at you. And you can pour belts of machine gun ammo into him and barely make a dent in this guy.

This nameless monstrosity thankfully is a random event but they are memorable events.

You wanna’ take on of these down? Stay mobile, be ready for anything but stay on the move. Get some distance, pour ammo into him, then run to another safe spot. At some point, after you’ve exhausted your cache two or three times you will notice a little glow in his chest. Pour on your attacks there.

Once the beast has taken enough damage, he will kneel to heal up. When he does, notice his little helmet. Under it, is an exposed brain. That’s how you take him down.

2. Nim Shondu

He is the leader of Dark Matter and the cyborg’ed brother of Ara Shondu, the Castithan mayor of Paradise. During the Pale Wars, he led an elite unit which was responsible for numerous brutal attacks. After being thought dead after the Battle of Defiance, he and his Dark Matter forces set up shop in the terra-formed remains of San Francisco.

Nim is the main boss of Defiance and the Defiance Main Mission, as the player tries to stop him from activating a Terra-spire that will cause a whole new wave of terraforming, which would wipe out humanity.

Nim is VERY dangerous because he also has an EGO implant and can use the same powers as the player. Add to that his vicious sword skills and a pistol. The best advice against Nim is to stay mobile, hit FAST and HARD then move.

Round 1, Nim uses Blur. Detonators work well against him, but beware of blowback against your own shield.

During Round 2, you can find some shelter but he deploys a lot of decoys. But, there is a chokepoint in the middle where you can gather them for mass damage.

Round 3, Nim uses Overcharge, flies and can fire multiple missiles. Just stay alert, move erratically and be ready to fire back fast.

#1. Joe “Jackleg” Teach

The murderous Jackleg was once, like a lot of 99’ers, just regular Joe working for gulanite. But, as he added more and more cyborg enhancements, the less human he was. Finally, he turned on his own friends and killed Rosa Rodriquez’s father.

He’s bad news, Vada. Bad news! Anyone that dares to step up to that monster ends up with a drill in the head.” – Varus Soleptor

He is the final boss for the Bullet for a Bad Man mission and most players say he is tougher than even Nim Shondu. Partly, this is because you face Jackleg earlier in the game where your EGO powers are not as developed nor is your arsenal. But, he is one tough cyber-SOB. And he has the 99’ers doing his bidding.

You will be under constant attack, while Joe hides behind his all-powerful Arktech shield. The only way to take him out is to damage the Smelters’ fuel tank so they catch fire and flee to Joe. The explosions knock his shield down for a short time. 

Just Getting Uglier Out There

The arrival of the Volge has intensified the life of being an Ark Hunter another notch. These aliens average 8′ tall and do not go down easy and their cold fusion weapons cut right through you.

And then there’s the Infected.

Life in Paradise may not be Paradise, but if you can take down the big boys it can be a little sweeter. If you’re an Ark Hunter, let me hear who you HATE coming up against.

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