Demon's Souls Bladestone shards, chunks, and pure materials increase weapons damage. Here are the best ways to get the upgrade items, as well as where to farm them.

Demon’s Souls Bladestone Shards, Chunks, & Pure Materials Guide

Demon's Souls Bladestone shards, chunks, and pure materials increase weapons damage. Here are the best ways to get the upgrade items, as well as where to farm them.

Demon’s Souls Bladestone is one of the best upgrade paths in the game, as it increases damage and scales with many weapons, including knives, curved swords, and spears. However, finding the upgrade materials in the Bladestone path, such as shards, chunks, and pure variants is perhaps the hardest task you’ll undertake during your time in Boletaria. 

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In this Demon’s Souls Bladestone guide, I’ll show you the best way to find all three versions of Bladestone, including farming locations and multiple options for getting your hands on shards, chunks, and pure variants. 

Bladestone Upgrades

It’s important to note that the Bladestone upgrade path begins at +0. This means you can start upgrading applicable weapons towards Bladestone right away.

The Bladestone path caps at +5 and scales tremendously with dexterity once maxed out. Keep in mind, you’ll need to talk to Blacksmith Ed in 2-1 to upgrade towards this path. 

Shard of Bladestone

The first and easiest upgrade material to get in this path is the Shard of Bladestone. Shards are frequently dropped by the white skeleton enemies — not the regular grey ones — in World 4, Shrine of Storms

If you spawn in at 4-1, a white skeleton can be found in the pit behind where the Vanguard spawns. Trigger the pressure plate trap and strike the illusory wall to reveal the white skeleton here.

How to Farm Shards of Bladestone

To farm Shards, start at 4-1 and run ahead. Go up the stairs while taking out skeletons. At least one of them will typically drop a Shard for you.

After that, run to the spot mentioned above (behind the illusory wall), and take out those two skeletons. Then, run back up and jump off the ledge to try again. 

Chunk of Bladestone

The Chunk of Bladestone is slightly harder to obtain, but not by much. If you plan on grinding for Pure Bladestone (more on that below), the Chunks will come easily.

How to Farm Chunks of Bladestone

The easiest way to find Chunks is to farm from the  Dual Katana Black Skeletons found across World 4, Shrine of Storms.

There’s one that spawns right by the Adjudicator’s Archstone. From the Archstone, head back up the stairs, and you’ll come to a hallway where the Black Skeleton is waiting, with his back turned. If you have the Thief’s Ring equipped, you’ll be able to easily sneak up on him for a backstab, dealing high damage.

The Chunks have a low drop rate, but they are much more common than Pure Bladestone. If you don’t get what you’re looking for, roll back down below, head outside, and roll off the cliff. This will respawn you right at the Archstone so you can try again. 

You can also find Chunks of Bladestone from the Golden Skeletons, though the drop rate is much lower than with the Black Skeletons. There are also Black Phantom versions of the Black Skeletons nearby you can take out with a slightly better drop rate, but they’re harder to kill. 

Pure Bladestone

Finally, we have the Pure Bladestone, a material so rare, it has a 2.5% chance of spawning. This means you’ll likely need to farm for a few hours before it’ll drop.

The only way you’ll be able to get your hands on Pure Bladestone is by killing a specific Dual Katana Black Skeleton, though it’s different than the one mentioned above. 

How to Farm Pure Bladestone

To find the Dual katana Black Skeleton, spawn at 4-2, Adjudicator Archstone. Head forward, towards the outside section, drop down, and turn around to head back inside.

Follow the tunnel and once you’re in, drop off to the left, all the way to the ground floor. You’ll take damage, but it won’t kill you. Just ahead of a puddle with an item in it is a path you can take on the left.

Take this path, go up two flights of stairs, and strike the illusory wall on the right. This will lead you to the Black Skeleton you’re looking for. Remember, use the Thief’s Ring to sneak up on it.

If you don’t get the drop you’re wanting, roll off the side of the cliff and do it again. Players have reported having to kill the skeleton upwards of 200 times before the Pure Bladestone would drop, so be prepared for a grind. Also, having a Pure Black World Tendency seems to increase the drop rate, slightly.

And now you should have everything you need to find shards, chunks, and pure versions of Bladestone in Demon’s Souls! For more tips, consider checking out our guides page for the game, and if this article was helpful, think about giving it a share! 

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