Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen is here. You won't get far without the Bell of Conquests, the new seasonal artifact. Here is how you unlock it.

Destiny 2 Bell of Conquests Artifact: How to Unlock It in Season of the Chosen

Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen is here. You won't get far without the Bell of Conquests, the new seasonal artifact. Here is how you unlock it.

Destiny 2’s latest update, Season of the Chosen, has arrived. This update introduces new story content, new missions, new weapons, and a new seasonal artifact in the form of the Bell of Conquests.

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As with other artifacts before it, this artifact will level up throughout Season of the Chosen, providing players with beneficial mods and an ever-growing light level boost. Here is how you unlock the Destiny 2 Bell of Conquests. 

How to Get the Bell of Conquests 

The Bell of Conquests is pretty easy to acquire.

Load into Destiny 2 after downloading the required updates. You will be introduced to some new story content involving this season’s villain, Caiatl. Then your guardian will fly to Nessus for a round of Battleground, a new PVE game type added for this Season of the Chosen.  

Battleground: Behemoth is a straightforward event. You and two other guardians will take on several waves of Cabal enemies in several different areas, culminating in a boss fight.

In the first area, Cabal enemies will drop keys. Once your fireteam acquires three keys, you can activate a node (marked by a quest marker) that lets you progress to the next location. 

In this area, you’ll go up against more waves of Cabal, except instead of enemies dropping keys, they will drop explosive balls of energy near the end of each wave. Throw those balls of energy at each of the three generators in the area to progress to the boss fight.

Once you defeat the boss, you will be rewarded with a chest containing “a strange artifact.” 

Next, you will be taken to H.E.L.M, a strategic command center in the Tower, for a quick conversation with Commander Zavala. He will recap the current situation involving the Cabal (spoilers: you and the Cabal aren’t friends). After that, the Bell of Conquests is yours.  

The Bell of Conquests operates the same way as previous seasonal artifacts. XP gained from defeating enemies will level up the artifact, allowing you to unlock new modifications (many of which are geared around defeating Champion-class enemies), and granting an increasing boost to your light level.  

With the Destiny 2 Bell of Conquests artifact in your hands, you are now ready to take the fight to the Cabal in Season of the Chosen. 

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