Destiny 2 Guardian Games 2022: How to Farm Medallions Fast

Farm Medallions fast with this guide to the Guardian Games 2022 in Destiny 2.

Farm Medallions fast with this guide to the Guardian Games 2022 in Destiny 2.

No class wins Guardian Games 2022 in Destiny 2 without depositing as many Medallions as possible into the Podium in the Tower. The tricky part is actually getting them, whether you’re a solo player or part of an active clan. Thankfully, there are several ways for any player to accumulate Medallions aplenty, especially early on. Here are some ways to get them fast.

How to Farm Medallions Fast in Guardian Games 2022

After receiving the Medallion Case from Eva Levante as part of the Best in Class quest, you’re ready to start farming Medallions. There are two primary sources: Guardian Games Triumphs and Contender Cards. The former is good for front-loading your Medallion grind, but once you complete Triumphs, they’re done, and you won’t be getting anything more.

Contender Cards are an infinitely grindable source of Medallions, but they aren’t all created equal. You want to only collect those that are easy to do, quick to finish, and as rewarding as possible for the time invested.

Best Guardian Games Triumphs to Farm First

You’ll be able to complete most of the Triumphs simply by playing the game as you usually would. From collecting Laurels to earning Vanguard Medals and accumulating score in both the Training/Competitive playlists, you’re likely to complete these naturally. Almost the entire first page follows this rule.

It’s the Triumphs on the second page that need your specific attention. Each of the core activities and PsiOps Battlegrounds and Throne World activities have a Contender Triumph. Each takes three appropriate Contender Cards to fully unlock, and as each of these Contender Cards only cost 100 Laurels, you’ll recoup their cost going through them.

When all the activity Contender Triumphs, are done you’ll net 20 Gold Medallions, and you’ll have progressed through the first page Triumphs as you do these. Turn your efforts to higher-difficulty Contender Cards, focusing on the specific Cards noted below.

Best Contender Cards to Farm in Guardian Games 2022

There are two tiers of Contender Card in this year’s Guardian Games. The Gold Medallion ones cost 100 Laurels, and the Platinum tier versions cost 200 Laurels. The Gold Medallion Cards are easier, but their reward-to-completion-time ratio is slightly skewed.

Core activities, the ones you’ll do for Gold Medallions, award Bronze on completion, and you’ll need to complete an average of three activities to fully complete the Card. That makes three Bronze Medallions and a single Gold for between 15 to 25 minutes of work.

Depending on the activity you complete for Platinum Medallions, you might spend 10 or 15 minutes to finish, and you’re rewarded with a Silver Medallion to boot. For week 1, we recommend focusing on one of three Platinum Cards: Throne World, Nightfall, and high-level Lost Sectors, in that order.

Medallion Farm 1: Throne World Contender Cards

You’ll need to complete high-difficulty content in the Witch Queen DLC Destination, and this week, the Training Guardian Games playlist is the Lightblade Strike at Legend Nightfall difficulty. With a competent team, this Strike will take about 15 minutes, and if you’re efficient, you’ll complete the Card in a single run. You can also grind Fynch reputation levels if you pick up some Throne World Bounties before you start.

Medallion Farm 2: Nightfall Contender Cards

These are great because anyone can complete them, and Grandmasters are by far the most rewarding pieces of content in the game (usually). If you don’t have a team for GMs, it will only take two or three Hero-level Nightfalls to complete the Card. Whether you do GM or Hero level Nightfalls, you’re rewarded with both the Silver and Platinum, so the choice depends on whether you want to go fast or get the most loot for your time.

Medallion Farm 3: Legend and Master Lost Sectors

While these activities don’t award Medallions on their own, if you’re good at clearing them quickly (the fastest take no more than five minutes), you can rack up two or even three Platinum Medallions in the same time it would take in either Throne World or Nightfall activities.

How fast you progress and farm medals in Guardian Games 2022 is up to how much you’re willing to invest in the activities already present in Destiny 2. There’s nothing new here beyond The Title SMG, and while it’s good, it’s not world-endingly powerful. There are some far more valuable weapons discussed in our Destiny 2 guides hub, though, so head there next.

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