Detective Pikachu Returns: Where to Find Missing Ursaring

Here's where to find the missing Ursaring in Detective Pikachu Returns.

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The Ruins in Detective Pikachu Returns have plenty of side quests for you to solve. Most of them can be finished as soon as you enter the area, though others require you to progress the story to complete. One of these will come from an Ursaring; his friend went missing while looking for berries. In this guide, we’ll show you where to find the missing Ursaring

Detective Pikachu Returns: Where to Find Missing Ursaring

When you enter the Ruins area, you’ll find an Ursaring by a tree, right before you enter the campsite. If you talk to him, he’ll explain that he and his friend went out looking for berries but got separated. He’ll ask you for help to find his missing friend. 

If you look all around the outside area of the Ruins, you’ll find no sign of the missing Ursaring. You must progress through the main story a bit until you can find it.

  • First, you’ll need to open the ruin doors.
  • When examining the door, you’ll be given three options.
  • To open it, Tim and Pikachu will have to press two buttons at the same time. 

How to Break Ice Walls to Free the Ursaring

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Make your way through the Ruins, and you’ll eventually find a Darmanitan that you can partner up with. Darmanitan is able to break rocks and ice walls by pressing the “R” button. You’ll want to make your way to the entrance of the Ruins where you first came in. Go all the way to the right and you’ll find an ice wall

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Use Darmanitan to break through the ice wall to enter the room. At the back of the room, you’ll see a frozen Ursaring. Use Darmanitan’s punch one more time and the Ursaring will be set free. It will thank you and return to its friend. To close the case, go back to them and see how they’re doing 

That’s how to find the missing Ursaring in Detective Pikachu Returns. Remember you can accept the quest as soon as you enter the Southern Ruins, but you must progress in the story until you can use Darmanitan. For help with more cases, check out our DPR guides hub

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