Each floor of the complex adds new difficulties and builds on previous gameplay elements - here we show you how to beat the difficult puzzles in seven more levels!

Deus Ex Go complete guide to beating levels 8 – 14

Each floor of the complex adds new difficulties and builds on previous gameplay elements - here we show you how to beat the difficult puzzles in seven more levels!
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After covering the opening seven levels of the mobile stealth/puzzle game Deus Ex Go, its time to move onto the next segment and complete out the first major arc of the game’s storyline. If you need help on other parts of the game or a refresher on how the mechanics work, be sure to also check out:

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Deus Ex Go Level 8

Hacking computers is first introduced in this area, allowing you to take control of objects like turrets to advance through a level.

From the start point, head right, down, and then left until you are on the yellow hacking triangle. Tap your circle and drag it across the lanes to your intended target: in this case, the turret on the right. Taking control of the turret on the right automatically kills the guard.

 Hacking a turret

Tap your circle again and this time take control of the turret on the left so it won’t attack you when you pass by. Now head all the way to the far lower-right corner and pick up the blue invisibility augmentation, but don’t activate it yet as it only lasts a single move.

Go back to the hacking terminal and re- hack the turret on the right. This has to be done as the right side turret has two circles’ worth of movement in front of it, which can’t be bypassed with a single move of invisibility.

Go back up so you are just one circle to the left of the left side turret’s line of sight. Activate your invisibility and move right and then head right and up to exit the level. With the right turret hacked it won’t shoot as you move upward.

 Using invisibility to move by the turret without activating line of sight

Deus Ex Go Level 9

A new element is added in this level of red lanes that can’t be crossed until they are hacked. Move right and then down to the first yellow hacking terminal. Like with the turrets, tap your circle and then drag up to hack the middle red lane and create a passage.

 Hacking lanes

Now move up to the second yellow hacking terminal and hack the lack to the left so you can move back towards the beginning section of the level.

 Hacking the left lane

Go left and down back to the lower hacking terminal and hack the left side lane. This will make the center lane inaccessible as it turns back red, but that’s OK because the top lane is still open. 

 Two lanes hacked but no way through the center yet

Go back up and then left to the top terminal. Now just hack the center lane and you have a clear path down and towards the exit on the right side.

Deus Ex Go Level 10

This one’s sort of tricky, but there is a way through with a little hacking magic. Go up to the middle lane, which triggers the guard’s Titan shield and starts his charge towards you. Instead of going up to the invisibility augmentation, go down instead to the hacking terminal.

Reaching the hacking terminal

Hack the center red lane, rather than the one on the right that leads to the exit and is blocked by the guard. Now head back up to the middle lane and go up again to the invisibility augmentation when the guard charges. Don’t activate it yet though.

Move down one circle and then right one circle so you are on the hacked yellow lane. Now activate your augmentation and move down on circle, placing you in the guard’s path. Since you are invisible, you can now move right and stealth kill the guard.

 Stealth killing the guard

Now return to the lower lane and hack the red lane on the right, which clears a path to the exit.

Deus Ex Go Level 11

From the level’s start, move up, right, and then down to access the yellow hacking terminal. Hack the red lane to your right, which turns the top lane red and causes the guard to be stuck in his current position.

 Freezing the guard in place in a red lane

Move to the terminal on the right and hack the top red lane back into a yellow lane so the guard can keep moving. Move two circles to the left so the guard returns to his original position.

You now have a clear path to move up, right, and up to reach the exit. The guard will give chase, but he’ll be far enough way that he won’t reach you as you move on the center lane.

 Outrunning the guard to the exit

Deus Ex Go Level 12

Head up to the terminal and hack the red lane on the left side of the map. The top guard will give chase, but you have plenty of moves to go left and then up to the invisibility augmentation.

 Hacking the left side

You will notice when you reach the top that your hacked yellow lane turns red again – that’s because the guard hit the terminal and undid your hack. From the augmentation circle, move down to stealth kill the guard in the way. Now go down and back to the right, but stop just before reaching the terminal.

Activate your invisibility and then move onto the hacking circle and hack the right side red lane, opening a path to the exit. Since you were invisible on the hacking circle, the guard won’t give chase and won’t ruin your hack on the way up and right to the exit.

 Hacking while invisible

Deus Ex Go Level 13

Move right and then down so you are on the bottom lane and out of the center guard’s line of sight. Head right and then up to access the terminal. Hack the turret to kill the guard on the center lane.

 Using the turret to kill a guard

Next, hack the top red lane so the top guard can get through. You’ll notice the lane is now open to turret fire though, so don’t go on it! Instead, move one circle to the left to get in the guard’s line of sight and force him to chase after you.

 Forcing the guard to chase

The turret won’t kill the guard since  you no longer have it hacked and it isn’t seeing you. That’s OK though, as we’re going to game the system a bit. Move down and then back up so the guard turns around and starts moving towards his original position. 

From the terminal circle, hack the top lane again to turn back red so that the guard can’t pass and return to his starting spot. Move down one circle so the guard moves up and is now blocked. Now hack the red lane on the right and you have a free and clear path. Since the guard is facing up, he won’t see you and can’t chase.

 Reaching the exit

Deus Ex Go Level 14

At the level’s start point, move right two spaces and then down one space to stealth kill the guard. Part way through, a cut scene will trigger that advances a story plot.

 Taking out the guard

Move down and then left and hack the center right lane so it turns yellow. Now move right and then up to the top hacking terminal and hack the turret so it won’t shoot at you when you break line of sight.

 Hacking the turret

Move up and towards the left to grab the invisibility augmentation. You still don’t have a clear path to the exit yet, so go back down to the bottom hacking terminal and hack the red lane on the right to turn it yellow. Move up to the top hacking terminal and hack the center red lane to turn it yellow as well.

The turret will no longer be hacked at this point, but that’s OK because you have the invisibility augmentation. Move up to the center point so you are one circle beneath the turret’s line of sight and activate your invisibility.

 Turn invisible at this point on the map

Now just move up and to the right to reach the level’s exit. Congratulations, you’ve now completed the first major story segment of Deus Ex Go! Be sure to comment below if you have any tips on completing these levels in fewer moves or by utilizing different hacking techniques! 

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