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Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat — Best Characters Tier List

Find out which characters are the best in Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat using our tier list guide.

Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat is a new mobile game in the DMC franchise that will stay in open beta until its official release date of December 2, 2023. The game currently has five characters and each one has various hunter forms that can be pulled from the gacha system. Our tier list guide will show you the best characters in Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat, including their best hunter variants and signature weapons.

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Best Characters Tier List in DMC: Peak of Combat

S-Tier Character


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  • How to unlock: Pull via the special gacha pool for 50 Diamonds.

By default, Vergil uses electricity in his Nomadic Lightning hunter form, which is great for crowd control and subduing a small group of enemies. But I strongly recommend rerolling for his legendary form Count Thunder, which makes him extremely fast. He can move through an area so quickly that nobody can touch him, and he’ll pump out damage while he does it.

If you wish to specifically focus on the highest possible DPS form, then reroll for his Legendary Ronin hunter. Here he uses Mirage Blades, which can cut enemies at close range and get thrown to deal damage at long range. But you can also use them to protect yourself!

Vergil’s best signature weapons are Beowulf and Yamato, which can be obtained during the “Vergil Returns” event. Use Beowulf to stop enemy attacks by switching between the gauntlets and the greaves, while the Yamato katana can be effectively used for a series of fast slashing cuts.

A-Tier Characters


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  • How to unlock: Available by default at the start of the game.

Dante’s best hunter variant is undoubtedly Fists of Salvation. It’s basically Balrog with his Devil Arm that deals a powerful gauntlet attack, which hits extremely hard and deals much more damage than greaves. But I strongly recommend using greaves specifically to break enemy barriers.

His next best alternative form is the Imperial Guard, which focuses mostly on subduing enemies and blocking their attacks rather than pushing through like in the case of Fists of Salvation. As an Imperial Guard, Dante can effectively block both powerful single attacks and group storms.

If you didn’t pull Imperial Guard, then opt for One-Man Show for its similarly very good at crowd control. It involves debuffing skills that weaken enemies, making them vulnerable to all your attacks.


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  • How to unlock: Available by default during Update 2.0

Nero has two really good forms: Knight of the Order and Devil Claw. But the damage of the Devil Claw variant is much higher, which makes it the best choice.

Devil Claw is similar to Dante’s Devil Arm, with the same ability to grab and hold enemies, twist them, and throw them away. Once the enemies hit the ground after such a combo, they’ll hardly come back up. You can also use the Devil Claw to smack bosses with an ultimate fist uppercut.

I’d also like to point out Nero’s Red Queen sword. You can charge the sword by dealing damage, and the more damage you deal, the faster it charges. Once fully charged, you can execute a powerful ultimate combo that deals massive burning damage to all enemies in an AoE.

B-Tier Characters


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  • How to unlock: Complete Chapter I.

Lady is very mobile and mainly specializes in ranged damage using her Bounty Hunter handguns and Fire Ant shotgun. She also has access to the Kalina Ann rocket launcher, which can be quite useful during boss fights.

Her default hunter form is Swift Arsenal. I wouldn’t recommend using it as your main since the damage is quite low, but she can be a very effective support character. When you suddenly encounter a large group of enemies, make her throw a bunch of grenades to weaken and distract them.

If you still want to make Lady your main, then try to reroll for her Spark Igniter variant. It allows her to fire a volley of missiles with auto-aim, dealing way more damage than any of her typical weapons. She can also charge her shots, making them really dangerous and even buff the damage of her allies.


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  • How to unlock: TBD

V is the fifth playable character in the game and will be available during the next big update closer to the game’s launch date in late 2023. There’s no information regarding his hunter variants, but he’ll be using his signature weapons for sure, including V’s Cane and Devil Trigger.

We know that V is the human half of Vergil, so it’s possible that he’ll be just as powerful. But for now, I’d place him in the B tier since the developer hasn’t revealed much about this character yet. Stay tuned for our tier list guide of the best characters in Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat, as we’ll be updating it as soon as the game launches on December 2, 2023.

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