Diablo 4 Alcarnus Stronghold Walkthrough Guide: Location, Boss, and Rewards

Our Diablo 4 Alcarnus Stronghold guide tells you everything you need to know about the location, its boss, and its rewards.

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The Diablo 4 Alcarnus Stronghold is likely to evoke mixed feelings among those who’ve played Diablo 3. While your visit this time around isn’t part of any campaign-related story, there are still some challenges that await. Our Diablo 4 Alcarnus Stronghold guide discusses this landmark’s location, the objectives that you need to complete, the boss that you have to beat, and the rewards you’ll get.

How to Complete Alcarnus Stronghold in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 Alcarnus Stronghold Location

The reason why I mentioned that the Diablo 4 Alcarnus Stronghold might lead to mixed feelings among veterans of the series is due to the events that transpired in the previous game. During Diablo 3‘s initial act, fan-favorite character Deckard Cain was killed by a corny villain here, a “butterfly woman” named Maghda. The Nephalem player character chased her down, eventually killing her in Alcarnus.

Given that the location can also be found in this game, it evokes both a sense of nostalgia and a feeling of wasted potential (owing to how Cain’s exit was done for storyline purposes).

In any case, the Diablo 4 Alcarnus Stronghold can be found in the central portion of Kehjistan. The closest fast travel point is in the town of Tarsarak in the Scouring Sands. As with most Strongholds, there’s a minimum recommended level here. For this one, it’s Level 45, but past that point, enemies will still be two levels above your character no matter what.

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How to Complete The Lair of the Witch and the Necrotic Masses

Upon arriving at Alcarnus, you’ll notice several corrupted growths known as Necrotic Masses. You can’t do anything to them just yet. Instead, you’ll want to head north to the Lair of the Witch (i.e., where the Magdha boss fight in Diablo 3 took place). There, you’ll meet a Necromancer named Rastha, who seems hellbent on attaining greater power.

Rastha can be killed here rather easily, but it’s all a ploy. At this point, you’ll want to read the remaining journals in the arena, as well as the audio log.

Once you’re done with the above, it’s time to destroy the three Necrotic Masses. These pustules are surrounded by numerous zombies and bloated elites. Moreover, after destroying one, a clone of Rashta will also appear. I suggest taking out the elites first before causing Rashta to spawn, as too many enemies might cause you to get overwhelmed.

Alcarnus Stronghold Boss: How to Defeat Rashta Reborn

After all the Necrotic Masses and Rastha clones have been taken care of, it’s time to face the Diablo 4 Alcarnus boss, Rastha Reborn. Return to the Lair of the Witch and watch as Rastha makes use of corrupted necromancy. Her abilities include:

  • Blighted Beams — Several light green lines will appear on the ground, eventually causing blighted energy to move outward. Make sure you sidestep these to avoid damage.
  • Blood Burst — The boss will create several circles close to her, then further away. These will explode after a couple of seconds. The sequence is somewhat erratic, so at best, you’ll want to stay further back (not too close, but not too far either).
  • Rastha Clones — At lower HP, Rastha will be immune to damage. She’ll then summon several clones of herself that you need to eliminate before you can strike her once more.
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As a Necromancer main, it was neat to see a Necro versus Necro battle. Still, Rastha wasn’t too much of a challenge since I bolstered my minions. I expect most classes won’t run into any issues either since her abilities are easily telegraphed.

Alcarnus Stronghold Reclamation Rewards

In any case, once you’ve defeated the boss, you can interact with the Wanderer Shrine to conquer the Diablo 4 Alcarnus Stronghold. Sadly, there aren’t many rewards here. Completing the Stronghold doesn’t unlock anything, not even a fast travel point, dungeon, or a vendor. At the very least, and assuming you’ve played the previous game, we hope you enjoyed the trip down memory lane upon visiting this cursed town. However, you’ll receive +100 Kehjistan reputation for clearing the area.

That’s how to complete the Alcarnus Stronghold in Diablo 4 and beat the Rastha boss. tips, tricks, and walkthroughs, our Diablo 4 tips hub has you covered.

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