Diablo 4 – How to Complete The Heretic Quest

The full Heretic side quest line spans multiple areas and involves multiple tasks.

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The Heretic quest is one that takes you to multiple different areas in Diablo 4. With a variety of tasks associated with the quest, as well as multiple quest segments, The Heretic is one of those that just takes some time to complete. Here’s how to complete The Heretic in Diablo 4, the other quests in the line, as well as the bugs players have been experiencing in the game.

Completing The Heretic Side Quest in Diablo 4

To add The Heretic to your journal speak to Vass in Zarbinzet, who’s located in the intersection between the Jeweler and the Alchemist. He’ll ask you to investigate the Abandoned Ruins, which had strangely charred bodies and is now overrun with demons. The ruins are northeast from Zarbinzet, though more east than north.

The Heretic Quest Line

To complete the full quest line for The Heretic, you need to finish the following side quests:

  • The Heretic
  • A Price to Pay
  • Poisoned Hearts

When done all three, you’ll achieve The Heretic challenge. It doesn’t reward any player titles but it does go towards your overall profile achievements.

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Find the Girl (and Dealing with the Quest Bug)

After clearing through the demons in the Abandoned Ruins, you’ll be tasked to speak to the frightened girl. Sometimes you’ll hear the girl, with her speech showing up on screen, but she won’t actually appear anywhere. This happened to me and I had to complete an event in the area then restart the game in order to get her to appear.

If the quest doesn’t bug, you’ll now find a girl standing right at the edge of the ruins. Speak with her to learn she’s Aneta, and she’s out here harvesting flowers. Before she’ll return to Zarbinzet she wants to gather specific blooms for her sick mother. Travel with her around the area where she’ll gather Withered Plant, Dying Plant, and Singed Plant while you deal with the mobs.

Flowers in hand, head back to Zarbinzet. Take her to her home, which is located near the topmost part of the city. You’ll find the easiest way to the house is to travel to the waypoint, head south down that path. Then you want to take the path that leads back north on the left side of the portal area. At the very top of this path is Aneta’s home.

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What you’d think is about to happen is a warm homecoming. Much to the contrary, Aneta’s mother is grumpy and scolds her daughter for trying to cheer her up with the flowers. At the end of the tense conversation, residents of Zarbinzet will burst into the house accusing Aneta of burning the people at the Abandoned Ruins.

Aneta will run off to end the confrontation. This charges you with finding her, again. This time she’s in a quest specific dungeon in the Fallow Tillage outside Zarbinzet called the Forgotten Cave. It’s located southeast of the city, in the area between the two exits so either one will get you there in about the same time.

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Find Aneta (and Dealing with the Quest Bug)

Another bug that comes up during the quest is when you need to find Aneta. Some players are finding they are unable to enter the quest dungeon to chase after her. To avoid this bug it looks like you should walk to the dungeon instead of ride your mount. If you do encounter the bug, abandoning the quest and restarting it seems to fix the issue for most people. There’s no official patch or word from the team on this bug, but hopefully this quest line gets fixed in the near future.

Once you get to the dungeon, head inside to speak with Aneta. Unfortunately, it appears that the angry mob followed you, entering the cave soon after you do. Aneta will get scared and anxious as she tries to explain herself, which causes her to heat up, searing the mob into statues of ash as well as summoning demons. You’ll need to defeat the demons before you can talk to Aneta again to end The Heretic Quest. When the quest ends, the next one in the line, “A Price to Pay,” will automatically be added to your journal.

That’s how to complete the Diablo 4 The Heretic side quest, along with the bugs you may encounter while doing it. For more quest walkthroughs, boss fight tips, or best ways to farm rare materials, check out our full D4 guide library.

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