Diablo 4: How to Get the Paragon Tears of Blood Glyph

The Tears of Blood is an extremely powerful glyph in Diablo 4. Here's how to get it.

Demons and Bloodseekers
Image via Blizzard
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There are many limited-time items that a new season brings to the world of Sanctuary. In Season of Blood, one of the best is a Paragon Glyph. But adding it to your inventory will be no easy task. Here’s how to get the Tears of Blood Glyph in Diablo 4.

Obtaining the Tears of Blood Glyph in D4

There’s only one way to get the unique Paragon Glyph, Tears of Blood and that’s to finish the first level of Abbatoir of Zir successfully. You have until January 23, 2024, to clear the Tier One iteration before the event ends and you lose the ability to earn it (at least for now; who knows if Blizzard will add it again in the future).

  • That means you must be able to enter the Visceral Channel, kill enough mobs to fill the meter within 10 minutes, and slay the three Blood Seeker Guardians during that same time limit to complete the Abbatoir of Zir.

As one of the best rewards in the game, you only get one of the Glyph, but you’re able to level it up beyond the normal maximum, with a level cap of 200. Each tier of Abbatoir of Zir you complete grants you a large amount of Glyph experience. This is great for those who want to see how far they can upgrade Tears of Blood. Leveling it can also mean the difference between success and failure when heading into the harder tiers of the dungeon.

Tears of Blood Level 1 Stats

Tears of Blood stats image
Image via Blizzard

At Level 1, Tears of Blood is already an amazing glyph to add to your Paragon Board.

  • Radius Size: 4
    • Next Radius increase at Level 50
  • Bonus:
    • For every 5 Core Stats purchased within range, you get 2%[X] increased damage.
    • Grants +50% bonus to all Rare nodes within range. Bonus increases by 10% every 10 levels.

Compare that to my Ambush glyph for Rogues. I use traps all the time, so Ambush really works with my playstyle, but it only grants 10% bonus damage at level one. Starting off Tears of Blood grants 50%. It’s a massive difference for endgame play.

That’s how to get Tears of Blood glyph in Diablo 4. As a seasonal item, remember that it’s only active until Season 2 finishes, which comes at the end of January 2024. Whether it will be included in some way in the Eternal Realm or a future season remains to be seen. For more on Abbatoir of Zir, the upcoming Winterblight event, or how to farm various resources, check out our guides hub.

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